Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ornament Review: Sneezy and Dopey - Art of Disney Animation #6 - 2016 Disney Store Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great ornament of a fun moment
Cons: Error on Disney Store’s part led to incorrect shipping
The Bottom Line:
Dopey balanced on
Sneezy; fun ornament from
A classic moment

Comedic Moment

There are so many fun moments in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and one of my favorites involves Sneezy and Dopey.  That moment is the subject of the latest release in the Art of Disney Animation series from The Disney Store, and it is another winner.

While Snow White and the dwarfs are relaxing after dinner, Sneezy and Dopey decide to dress up as the Prince to dance with Snow White.  Since they are dwarfs, it takes two of them, with Dopey standing on Sneezy’s shoulders.  Of course, with Sneezy’s allergies, that’s a dangerous position for Dopey, and just as he’s climbed on Sneezy’s shoulders, Sneezy starts to sneeze, with Dopey putting his foot under Sneezy’s nose to stop him.

And that’s the moment captures here.  While there is a large cloak draped behind the two, it is open in front so we can easily see the two.  Sneezy’s head is up, and Dopey is looking down with concern as his foot is hopefully stopping the sneeze.

What surprised me the most when I got this ornament was the size.  It’s a bit narrower than I was expecting, and certainly lighter than the average Disney Store ornament.  But great things come in smaller packages.  The detail in this ornament is still wonderful even if the paint job is a little sloppy in a couple of places.

A few years ago, Hallmark released an ornament with Dopey standing on Grumpy’s shoulders to create a Christmas tree, and, as much as I loved that ornament, I commented that it wasn’t really a variation on this scene from the movie.  So you can imagine how thrilled I am to actually have the correct two dwarfs and a favorite moment from the movie captured in an ornament.

Sneezy is anchored to a circular base that allows for the ornament to easily be displayed year round.  It is decorated to look like some of the wood carvings in the dwarfs’ cottage, which adds to the charm.

Of course, you can hang it as well.  There is some red ribbon through a loop in Dopey’s hat, and you’ll find that it hangs straight.

The Disney Store had an issue with this ornament.  Someone saw that it was a Christmas ornament and got confused.  Instead of being for sale on line (like it was supposed to be and like the rest of the series has been), it was shipped out to Disney Store outlets around the country.  That’s let to a lot of frustration with fans.  I was lucky to track one down, but watch for scalpers who have taken advantage of the situation and are reselling this ornament for higher than the usual secondary market rate is for the series.

The extra effort was worth it in the case of Sneezy and Dopey.  They are perfectly captured in a very fun moment from a classic movie.  What more could you want?

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Original Price: $19.95

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