Friday, June 17, 2016

Music Review: Where the Light Gets In by Jason Gray

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Sound, encouraging lyrics and fun music
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
Jason continues
To offer music of hope
We can all enjoy

Let the Light of Hope In with Jason Gray’s New Release

It’s been a decade since I discovered Jason Gray’s music, and I have become addicted to it.  His discs are always infused with such hope and encouragement wrapped in catchy pop music.  Where the Light Gets In is his newest release and it’s another wonderful addition to my music collection.

The disc starts right off with the toe tapping “Learning.”  The song is built around the idea that what others might consider failure isn’t failure if we actually learn from it.  It’s a reason to shake off fear and follow God’s love anywhere, learning for anything that happens along the way.  And if the words of encouragement don’t make you smile, the fun up-tempo beat will definitely put a smile on your face.

The idea behind “Sparrows” is nothing new.  It centers around Jesus’s comments from the Sermon on the Mount about why we shouldn’t worry.  Yet Jason proves that even the familiar can have new life breathed into it with this song about how we have no need to worry because “If He can hold the world He can hold this moment.”  But it’s the music that really makes this one.  Again, it’s got a catchy upbeat melody that makes it a blast to sing along.  And if we are reminded of a timeless truth, so much the better, right?

Starting over in the face of disappointment or sin is a huge theme of the disc.  There’s the determined “I Will Rise Again” that is an anthem of determination in the face of the dark places of life.  Then there’s “Resurrection” which talks about the second chances we get because of God’s grace and forgiveness in the face of our sin.  This song is another toe tapping upbeat song that is just a blast to listen to.  This is a theme that is driven home even more in “Where We Go From Here,” which marvels at how God continues to use broken things to make broken things beautiful things.

Much of this disc is filled with upbeat songs that really boost the themes of hope and redemption that Jason is singing about.  Yet they are all different enough that they don’t blend together.

The slowest track on the disc is, appropriately, “Death Without a Funeral.”  This is a song of mourning for what might have been in a failed relationship.  Violin comes in and provides a nice counterbalance to Jason’s vocals and guitar.  And the lyrics are haunting as they deal with the struggle of a death that isn’t physical.

The lyrics to “More Yours” struck me because of their honesty.  Here’s how it starts:
How many times have I said you can have my life?
How many times have I said you have it all?
Just to take it back another time?
Yeah, that’s me.  So as the song builds to the driving chorus, I have to pray along with Jason:
I’m gonna give you my life, my life
As many times as it takes, it takes

The title of the disc comes from “The Wound is Where the Light Gets in,” which talks about how God uses the hard times in life to remind us of His love and make us more like us.  It’s on the slower side with a beautiful melody and some lyrics that really make you stop and think.

There are a total of 13 tracks on this disc, and every one of them is a winner.  Jason’s lyrics are sharp as always, yet filled with hope and encouragement, reminding us of God’s grace and mercy plus His strength to get us through life.  His guitar driven pop is just as fun to listen to as ever.

So if you need a balm for your sole, pick up Where the Light Gets In.  It fill you with reminders that God is right there with you in songs that are fun to hear.

CD Length: 44:37
1. Learning
2. Sparrows
3. I Will Rise Again
4. Stolen
5. Resurrection
6. More Yours
7. Death Without a Funeral
8. The Wound is Where the Light Gets In
9. Where We Go From Here
10. Learning to be Found
11. Glow in the Dark
12. Celebrate
13. Thank You for Everything

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