Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Got nothing original or creative to say this week, so let's just get to it.

Girl Meets World (6/3 & 6/5) – Yes, I’m covering both parts of the premier together.  The new student who called out Cory on his teaching methods was pretty funny.  Meeting the senior triangle was a great gag as well.  I laughed so hard at the girls’ reaction.  Yes, the moral was obvious, but it was surrounded by lots of jokes and true character moments, so I liked it.  I hope the series continues like this.  Oh, and those first few moments were a total flashback to Boy Meets World, as is the new opening credits.  Love it!

Angie Tribecca – So, I don’t get this whole comma thing.  Did she go into the comma after she put the bomb vest on?  Or was that part of her comma dream?  I’m thinking it was the first one, but it still really doesn’t make sense to me.  Not that it bothered me laughing at all.  The show is off to a great start with many sight gags and puns, which is exactly why I tune in.

Scream – I am really getting into this season.  Even if they don’t kill anyone else (which you know they will), there is going to be so much drama as secrets come to light that I think it will be entertaining.  But now that Jake’s body has been found, everyone is going to know the killer is back – sort of.  Or will they find out.  Maybe we’ll be playing hide the body.  Either way, I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

America Ninja Warrior – Again, so many heartwarming stories.  That obstacles with the poles was crazy!  And they almost had 30 finishers, which is pretty incredible as well.  I honestly don’t know how they get through some of those obstacles.

Royal Pains – I agree with Jill, it wasn’t much of a reunion.  I was really looking forward to seeing her again, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.  Still, I was glad they brought her back in the final season.  Hank and Evan fighting is always interesting, but I love that they truly do love each other and work things out.  Heck, I love that about all these characters.  And Jeremiah with that author?  Loved it!  All of those scenes were fantastic.

Girl Meets World – Not the most original or clever episode, but it still contained a few good laughs, like the ending of Augie’s story, aka the dream reveal.  And Riley and Maya talking about how the rest of the episode was going to go.  Overall, fun stuff without lecturing us.


  1. I'll have to give Angie Tribecca a try. I've seen the commercials but haven't watched it yet but I really like the woman who is in it (can't remember her name but she was in The Office and Parks and Recreation).

    1. And I've never been a fan of The Office and never seen Parks and Recreation, but the cast is all very good here, so if you are a fan of someone in the cast, you'll enjoy it.