Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The first full week of summer shows.  I can remember when I had maybe one show to watch during this time.  Nope, summer shows have started already, although I have a couple more that will start up as the summer progresses.  And, I've already got one to catch up on since Girl Meets World's season 3 premier was Friday night, but I was on the road to Camp Pendleton for their mud run when it aired.

But here's what I did watch this week.

America Ninja Warrior (All-Star, Sunday) – That was a ton of fun.  The team competition was enjoyable, although what I really enjoyed was the expanded obstacles in the second half.  If they want to do something like that in the future for two full hours, I am so there.  It was great to see the athletes competing, but more than that just having fun.  And I’m just in awe at what they could do.  Of course, I couldn’t do any of the normal course if I tried, so I’m just in awe of then doing what they were doing on the expanded courses.

Scream – Yikes!  It looks like we have a very sadistic killer on our hands.  I’m definitely curious about the Audrey/Piper connection and how they are going to explain that all out.  Only seem to have met a couple of the new victims/suspects.  Oh, and I’m not at all sorry to see Jake go.  I never really liked his character in season 1, and he wasn’t doing much to change my mind before he was killed.

America Ninja Warrior (Wednesday) – I don’t know how I feel about them making this harder all the time.  Plenty of finishers, so I guess it wasn’t too much harder.  It just makes it so only the super elite can even consider trying it.  But it also makes the athletes who finish it so much more impressive.  I was surprised to see Flip tonight.  I hadn’t realized he’d moved to LA.

Royal Pains – Wow, Hank moved quickly.  I could tell early on she was going to be a one episode fling.  When you lead off with work comes first, that’s never a sign of a good relationship.  I also saw Evan’s feelings about IVF coming early on.  I’m actually a little surprised the guys didn’t see through the dinner.  Yet I’m not complaining.  Evan and Paige are my favorite duo on the show, and I just love how they have matured Evan over the years.

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  1. I too can remember when there was nothing but reruns on during the summer. Of course back then I had no recording devices, so it was a good chance to catch up on shows I missed due to scheduling conflicts.

    Absolutely loved the ANW All-Star. Unbelievable is almost not an exaggeration for that final part and yet they didn't make the course long, high or hard enough for all the competitors. Great stuff.