Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And we are slowly coming back from the holiday hiatus.  At least a few shows were back with original episodes this week, but I still had time for other things in the evenings, which is always nice.  Truly, I must find a way to cut back on TV.  (You can stop laughing now.)

The Librarians – I enjoyed that episode more than I thought I would based on the previews.  Pretty good comedy even if the “magical” property was fairly obvious.  I’m wondering how we will wind up defeating the big bad of the season, but it is fun getting there.

The Odd Couple – Another episode where the story for both episodes was very predictable.  I’m about ready for the show to be over, and I think we’ve only got about four more episodes.  Not officially canceled, but if it does get renewed, I won’t be back.  At least they’ve got Murph on again.  He’s the best character on the show.

Lethal Weapon – They seem to have toned down the comedy, which I really enjoyed.  But they are going for deeper characters, which I’m really enjoying.  Riggs at the end there at the silent rave was so bitter sweet.  Yet I love seeing him interacting with Roger and his wife.  That is such a sweet relationship.

The Big Bang Theory – Considering they were doing a Christmas episode in January, that opening bit with Sheldon freaking out about holidays after their bit was pretty funny.  My favorite of the stories was the Christmas tree one.  I could relate to that on too many levels.  Not that I have done anything that bad with a tree, but I could easily see myself doing that.

The Great Indoors – Again, a predictable episode but very funny.  I think this might be their best episode to date.  Some character growth for a few of the characters and lots and lots of laughs along the way.  I hope they continue in this direction.

Girl Meets World – I knew going into the hour long show it was be different, but I was expecting more tour of the sets and backstage and less interacting with a live audience.  I know I wasn’t the target audience.  It had some moments that were fun, and I really appreciated some of the clips reminding me of the good times.  However, most of it didn’t truly appeal to me.  But that’s the adult fan of a Disney Channel show talking.  Knowing the series has just been canceled certainly makes it bitter sweet.

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  1. I loved Big Bang Theory this past week! Sheldon always cracks me up and I loved the Howard/Bernadette story.