Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

This was a crazy busy week at work with a huge deadline on Friday.  I'm glad I didn't have my full compliment of shows because I would have been behind come Friday night.

The Librarians – They finally dealt with Cassandra’s tumor, although I’m a little curious how her gift works now.  Is she smarter?  Or is she able to transfer her knowledge to others?  Or both?  And I loved how they tied in the vampires to one of the movies.  I’d forgotten that particular movie.

The Odd Couple – I like what they are doing with Oscar; they are really growing him.  However, Felix’s story was just painful in this episode.

This is Us – Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, how can you be so stupid?  That was so obviously going to backfire.  I was afraid that Jack was going to wind up imitating his father instead of going to him for a loan.  Showed how truly desperate he was to provide for his family.  Yet I love how the characters ultimately face what is coming their way together head on.  And it looks like we are still on track for Randall’s father to die at the end of the season.

Lethal Weapon – Since I’m in a bowling league at work again right now, I loved the bowling connection there.  Those scenes were fun.  I wish the captain hadn’t been part of corruption, although I sure get the desire to put someone away like that.  And yes, I laughed a couple of times.  I hope they are getting some of the humor back because that seems to have ben missing recently.

The Great Indoors – Wow, the club was so unfriendly.  However, the insults throughout the episode were a lot of fun.  Very funny and spot on.  The show still needs to develop the characters more as characters instead of the caricatures they are right now, but I am enjoying it more each week.

Girl Meets World – I was fighting tears in that last scene, and I’m just dreading next week.  Series finale and the threat of leaving the country?  I have a feeling they won’t go.  They did this kind of thing on Boy Meets World, and when they filmed the episodes, they didn’t know if the show would be back or not.  But still, it’s going to be hard, especially knowing it is the series finale.

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