Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

This is my last light week for TV for a little while.  My superhero shows start up again on Monday.  But for now, here's what I watched this week.

The Librarians – So I do wonder exactly how much time had passed between episodes.  I mean, Jake’s gotten how much training?  Having said that, it was a fun episode with a very touching end.  And Jenkins wasn’t in it much, but we got a huge insight into his character.  So much set up for next week, I’m wondering if everyone is going to make it through.  I don’t think so, but I hope I’m wrong.

The Odd Couple – Sports predicting penguin.  That’s pretty funny.  That was definitely the best part of the episode, although I do wonder if they were setting it up somehow like Oscar thought.

This Is Us – When I found out they were doing a show just set in 1980, I was less than enthused.  I like getting the updates on the characters in the present.  Turned out I absolutely loved it!  The acting was outstanding, especially from Mandy Moore.  Her monologue was fantastic, and it’s something you don’t see much these days.  The rest of it was good, too, and it’s nice to see how ultimately that day impacted so many lives besides the main family.

Lethal Weapon – Best episode of 2017.  Plenty of laughs.  Some good action.  Twists to the case.  And lots of heartfelt moments.  I love the relationships between the characters, and this one played on all of them perfectly.  Yes, this show still has it.  Okay, I could have done without the Ford commercial, although that scene was pretty funny.

The Big Bang Theory – This episode was so out of character for Leonard.  They’ve always pointed out how loving and attentive he is, so to see him acting like he was just didn’t jive.  Some of the jokes were good, but overall it felt off.  On the other hand, the squeaky floor sub-plot was hysterical.

The Great Outdoors – I enjoy last week’s episode, so I guess this week’s had to be off.  It just felt forced to me.  Seriously, who couldn’t see where it was going all along, and I feel like they are doing the same stories and same jokes over and over again.  That’s a bad sign half way through the first season, right?

Girl Meets World – That went exactly as I expected it to go.  However, I was crying there near the end, even once they decided to stay.  I loved all the cameos by the Boy Meets World crew.  I was especially laughing at Morgan’s appearance, or should I saw appearances.  Great in joke there.  And the scene between Shawn and Mr. Turner was so incredible as well.  It definitely played like a series finale, and it is a wonderful finale.


  1. We gave up on The Great Indoors because it was feeling repetitive. Definitely not good for a first season. This isn't a show that I think has lasting power. I haven't seen The Big Bang Theory yet but I'm curious. I don't like when a character doesn't seem like their usual selves. It's hard to really believe the episode.

    1. I keep almost canceling on Great Indoors, but then they do an episode that gives me hope and I keep watching. The ratings are strong enough I expect it to be picked up next season. We'll see what I decide to do about it then.