Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 11th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yep, it's definitely a sweeps month.  It's why just about everything I watch is on, which makes for a crazy busy month.  Kind of not missing my ABC shows at the moment, although I am looking forward to them being back in three weeks.

24: Legacy (Sunday) – Loved it!  Not that I’m surprised, but I don’t think I will miss Jack Bauer at all.  I am already questioning the real time of that speech and getting back to CTU, but I really don’t care.  Nichol is fantastic, as well; I was so impressed with her resourcefulness.  Obviously, the new director is a red herring.  I’m wondering just who the mole really is.  And I’m wondering which is going to be the awful sub-plot.  Maybe the election?

Supergirl – On the one hand, Kara and Alex’s relationship is predictable.  I saw the beats in that story line coming.  And yet, it is still very touching.  That final scene between them?  Amazing.  Yes, Wynn still got the best lines of the night.  And I agree that Mon-El seems to have moved on very quickly.  Not that I expect it to last, but it makes another nice plot complication in his relationship with Kara.

24: Legacy (Monday) – It always takes them a couple of episodes to build, but man are they out there right from the start.  It’s like they know they only have 12 episodes as we don’t have a ton of between seasons stuff to set up, so they could start from the very beginning.  I knew the kid was dead, but I thought it would take another couple of episodes.  Everyone is in so much trouble, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Flash – I guess there is definitely going to be no bringing Alex Desert back now for sure.  That was such a great episode.  Even before they drove home the point of the team work, I was enjoying it for just that reason.  All the characters got their moments to shine, and we’ve got quite the team going.  And as much as I have been anti Killer Frost, I’m liking what they are doing with Caitlyn this season as she struggles with it.

Legends of Tomorrow – I was looking forward to our trip back to 1776, and it was excellent.  Rory with George Washington was a hoot!  So much great character development along the way, too, and a little romance.  Certainly wonder where they are going to go with that.  That’s last scene was so much fun, although I kind of felt like this episode should have aired in December with all the Christmas to it.  Not that this Christmas lover is complaining, too much.

This Is Us – Rebecca’s defense of her husband was awesome!  She is so right, and it is nice that she recognizes what a great man he is.  So I have to wonder if Randall is in trouble at work or if his boss is recognizing that he needs some time off.  That shaking at the end really concerns me.  And as much as I don’t like Toby, Kate needs to get it together.  I don’t think I like where that is going.  If Kevin truly does love his ex this much, why did he ever let her go?  That’s the biggest question I have with his current storyline.

Arrow – Interesting watching Russia come into play in the present as well as the past.  And for the first time, I’m feeling the flashbacks.  Like the first time since the first few episodes of the show.  What will Ragman do without the rags now?  Those were always super fun to watch.  And when in Thea coming back?

Lethal Weapon – About time the good doc got more than a scene or two.  Some pretty impressive stunts in this episode, too.  I’m not sure how I feel about the subplot with Roger’s daughter.  She was lying and sneaking around and is using a fake ID after all, even if it is for a job she is loving.

Suits – So that’s how Mike is going to come back.  Why do I think it is going to be more trouble than it might actually be worth?  I feel so sorry for that lawyer who keeps freezing, but it is interesting to see Mike really truly lose a case.  The Donna sub-plot was a hoot, and the scenes between Donna and Rachel and Mike and Harvey at the beginning were wonderful.  I love the relationships these characters have.

Big Bang Theory – Being a big Peanuts fan, I’m sure you can guess which of the jokes in the episode were my favorites.  I feel sorry for Leonard since the train gift didn’t work out quite as planned, although I am assuming Sheldon got the job down before he left for the trip so Leonard is still getting some time without Sheldon.

The Great Outdoors – We finally got to meet Paul!  All of those cat moments were hilarious.  I don’t expect this growth to last in Jack, however.  Heck, I even enjoyed the millennials trying to figure out who was the boss.  Definitely one of the better episodes.

Powerless – I swore I was going to give this show two episodes and I would either love it or I was out of there.  So I guess I’ll give it three.  Parts of the show were actually funny and enjoyable.  Parts of it were just painful, especially any scene with the main boss.  One more week, but that’s it, I swear.


  1. I was curious about 24. I liked the first few seasons but then it got a bit too much. I always felt like I needed a nap after an episode! I enjoyed The Big Bang Theory this week and if you haven't read Yes, My Accent is Real you really need too. I really enjoyed getting to know the guy who plays Raj better. I really need to start watching This is Us. I've heard nothing but raves and this episode sounds really good.

    1. Yes, 24 definitely gets the heart rate up. I've learned I can't watch it right before going to bed.

      I haven't read Yes, My Accent is Real, but I've heard good things about it.

      I started This is Us late thanks to my brother and sister-in-law raving about it, and I really am enjoying it. There's a reason it is getting so much praise.