Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And we're off!  February sweeps is here whether you are ready or not.  And a new show premiered as well.

Supergirl – So Supergirl let Livewire go, for now.  What I find most interesting is her reaction to Guardian.  I get it.  I really do.  I’m looking forward to seeing them come back around to that.  And I loved seeing John deal with some of the issues from his past.

The Odd Couple – That first episode was painful to watch.  Oscar was just making a fool out of himself.  I saw the plot points in the season (series?) finale coming, but it was still much more fun.

The Flash – Great character moments.  Iris is being crazy, but at least I can understand why.  I know it is going to come down to the season finale, but I really don’t want to wait that long to find out what happens.

Legends of Tomorrow – Interesting episode looking at the villains more.  And interesting how they tied in stuff from the season I hadn’t really thought about.  Plus they dealt a bit more with the daughter.  But that last scene?  Yikes!  Quite the cliffhanger there.

Arrow – I almost feel like they are trying to make up for what they did to Laurel with this new Canary character.  I mean, make it up to the comic book fan boys.  Still, I did like her introduction.  I’ll reserve judgement for her overall until I see another few episodes with her.

Suits – With no episode of This is Us this week, obviously, we needed some show to tug at my heartstrings and tear ducks.  Definitely more of a Harvey show than normal.  Still, I’m happy to see him starting to work things out with his family.  Hopefully that sticks, although I doubt we see much more about it.  Very interesting to see where they go with Mike since he obviously can’t give out money like that to everyone.

Big Bang Theory – A couple of very fun stories.  Sheldon with the feeling machine wound up being more touching than I was expecting.  It was great to see Raj’s girlfriends again.  I hadn’t picked up on him having two ex’s named Emily until this episode, although the one was only in one episode.  I so wish they’d keep the other Emily around, she really was funny, but obviously that isn’t to be.

Powerless – I can see the potential for the fun in this new comedy about the ordinary people trying to live in a world filled with superheroes.  And there were a few moments from this episode that did make me laugh.  However, it wasn’t as funny as I hoped it would be.  I’ll give it another episode to win me over.

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  1. I hadn't realized about the 2 exs named Emily either. That whole scene was pretty funny! I actually really enjoyed the whole episode and it definitely had a little more sweetness than I was expecting.