Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It's very rare that I have shows take a week off during sweeps, but the CM preempted both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow this week.  Oh well, it gives me time to do other things, like watch these shows.

24: Legacy – I’m sticking with the wife’s storyline being the worst of the season and her being the Kim of the season, but it looks like she may have some competition with those two guys in CTU.  Please tell me they aren’t going to preach to us.  Meanwhile, we got out of the police station way too easily.  That had plot contrivance written all over it.  However, I was shocked that the kid is still alive.  I wonder how much longer that will be the case.  That whole storyline this week had some of the best suspense of the night.

Supergirl – I’m still on the fence about Lena.  Obviously, we are supposed to think she is evil since she is a Luthor.  And that smile at the end made it seem that way.  Yet it would be the ultimate fake out to have her be good.  Very curious where they will go with it.

This is Us – I knew what Kevin was going to do there at the end.  Seems like he could have sent his mother or Kate, but it made such an amazing final scene.  Amazing.  The flashbacks have me very worried.  I think we are working up to Jack’s death, and I don’t know if I can handle that.  I’m a bit surprised since they really did leave a lot open there at the end, more so than usual anyway.  Still, Kevin holding Randall like that – what an amazing finish.  (I’ll just pretend that Jack’s dinner alone wasn’t the final scene.)

Arrow – When I realized we were going to have the gun debate on the show, I cringed.  Turned out they did a decent job presenting both sides.  I’m curious what the outcome was since they left that vague, but I appreciate the episode more than I thought I would.  Heck, it even made me like Renee a little better.  By far not my favorite episode of the series, but better than I thought it would be.  I just hope this isn’t a trend to preach at us instead of entertain us.  Certainly felt like a very special episode and not our regular Arrow.

Lethal Weapon – How fun to see Felix from The Odd Couple in something else.  He made a good Leo Getz for this show, slimy yet fun and funny.  Definitely bringing more of the fun again and some impressive stunts.  I was really happy they didn’t go with someone else flying the helicopter down to the ground and instead had them jump.  Not really a realistic ending there either, but it was nice to see them getting rid of that cliché.

Suits – Of course it isn’t easy for Mike and Harvey.  We wouldn’t like this show if it were.  I’m shocked if it is true that Mike still doesn’t want to go back, but I love how he is mentoring this other lawyer.  What Rachel learned was pretty fantastic, too.  Two episodes left this season?  Why do I think it is going to get crazy for these two episodes?

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon has a driver’s license?  What?  Raj is no longer going to be living on daddy’s money?  Wow, that was a pretty major episode.  I’d love to see Sheldon actually drive some time.  I bet it would still be funny.  And I wonder what other secrets he’s keeping from everyone.

The Great Indoors – Maggy Lawson from psych was in the episode!  I actually enjoyed that episode.  Some surprising character growth and some pretty funny stuff as he was trying to fit in.  I’m not saying the show has found itself, but it might be getting there.

Powerless – Again, a better episode.  Looks like I will be sticking with this one as well, at least for the time being.  And how funny that Corbin Bernsen from psych was in this episode.  The boss is an annoying character.  I think if it weren’t for him, I’d completely enjoy this show.  Tone him down, and I’d be fully on board.

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  1. I think one of my problems with 24 was that so often events felt contrived. Plus every episode always made me feel like I needed a nap! Seriously wouldn't seeing Sheldon driving be the best thing ever? It needs to happen!