Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And here we go - thoughts on what I watched this week.

24: Legacy – So is the kid dead this time?  Seems like he would be, but I thought he was dead two hours ago.  I’m a little surprised, I figured they’d drag that out and make him a throne in the side before he died.  I’m also surprised the father confessed so quickly, although you know he’s not going to cooperate in the future at all.  His motives?  I can almost see it except for how he just wrote off those deaths.  At that point, I was done with him.  And we have a soon to be fire CTU analyst.  Could they have made that any more obvious?  I’m curious what the wife’s storyline is going to be going forward.  That’s about the only cliffhanger we don’t have.

Supergirl – That was fun.  It also really should have aired last Monday, but that’s beside the point.  Any episode I’ve ever seen with that villain has been fun, and the way they trick him into saying his name backwards…yes, I knew what Supergirl was having him do there at the end, but it was still so much fun when he figured it out.

American Ninja Warrior – The All Star episode is always fun just because we get to see what those people can actually do.  Wow!  Pretty impressive.

The Flash – Is it just me, or the more they try to change the future, the more it seems to be happening.  Although it looks like Grodd had something else up his sleeve at the end and didn’t need them anyway.  I’m not a fan of Grodd in general or Planet of the Apes type stories, so I didn’t care for this week’s episode.  Not looking forward to next week, but I’m sure then we can get back to normal.

Legends of Tomorrow – This show can be so funny.  Yes, we are fighting an epic battle of good and evil, but there were so many funny lines, especially from Nick.  Considering Arthur is more legend than history, I liked their explanation for it, but it was still fun to visit.

This Is Us – So what does it say about me that this is the episode that affected me the least of the entire run so far?  Maybe it’s that we’ve known William was going to die since the very first episode.  I’ve never really liked his character, but maybe that was me protecting myself since we knew this was coming.  I was very wrong in my prediction that it would happen in the season finale.  I should have seen it coming at this point, however, because it gives us a couple of episodes to see Randall react to all of this.

Arrow – We’re playing with Oliver’s secret again.  And now the press has wind of the “cover up.”  This is going to get very interesting.  And I enjoyed the fact that we were back to regular Arrow and not a political hot button Arrow.

Lethal Weapon – The college may have been fictional, but I loved seeing the Rose Bowl pop up.  I know this show is set in LA, but still.  And how much cheaper was the actress to just use her voice instead of actually show her?  That’s what I want to know.

Suits – That was a bit of a surprise.  I was expecting a twist/cliffhanger on the Mike storyline, not on Louis and his fiancée.  Everyone is all in on Mike getting into the bar.  How will Harvey react when he learns Mike doesn’t intend to come back to their firm?  That’s going to make him furious.

The Big Bang Theory – That was the funniest episode of the season.  So many great lines and funny stories.  I loved Howard actually doing chores, poor Stuart and how he was being treated, and Penny and Leonard trying to stick with something they didn’t want.  Plus their compromise at the end was hilarious.  However, the best line of the night was Leonard’s “We don’t know.  His mother didn’t have him tested.”  Way to play on an old running gag.

The Great Indoors – Strongest episode of the season.  That party was hilarious in how many ways it went wrong and just kept going wronger.  Of course, it helped to know the characters, but really, that was great stuff.

Powerless – Obviously, I was looking for laughs or these three shows were all great Thursday night.  Dating a henceman was a brilliant plot idea, and the computer screen (yes, I paused my DVR) was pure comedy.  They played it out perfectly.


  1. Loved the all star ANW too, Mark! Liked all three teams and the one with Jessie Graf was my favorite. The next part with the super course was truly amazing, even more so than last year. Dagny

  2. The only shows you listed that I watch are The Big Bang Theory and The Great Outdoors. I agree, both were really good!