Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ornament Review: Happy Easter, Cookie Cutter Mouse! - Cookie Cutters Through the Year #3 - 2017 Hallmark Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun way to combine Easter traditions in one ornament
Cons: Not quite as much to the scene as others in series
The Bottom Line:
Chocolate bunny
Inside egg shaped ornament
Fun if not the best

Eggs and Chocolate Mix for this Fun Easter Ornament

When thinking about the non-Christian side of Easter, three things immediately spring to mind – eggs and bunnies and chocolate.  Hallmark has done a great job of combining them for the third Cookie Cutter Through the Year ornament, Happy Easter, Cookie Cutter Mouse!

The cookie cutter for this ornament is, naturally, an egg.  The copper cutter is an oval shape with just enough stretch to it to suggest egg.  Inside, our mouse friend is standing on a stool in order to finish applying some decorative paint to a giant chocolate bunny.  There’s a small egg in the foreground of the floor as well.

Honestly, this one is a bit disappointing for the series.  While the scene of the mouse painting the chocolate bunny is nice, it is also simple.  This is underscored by the background, which is yellow with pink and light blue dots.  The background is a piece of paper glued to the background, and if you look closely, you can see the edges.  The others in the series have more to them that this one seems to be missing.  It’s not bad; it’s just not as outstanding as the others.

If you tried to predict my next sentence you’d be wrong.  Despite this being an oval shaped ornament, you can set it out to be displayed.  There is just enough of a flat bottom to the piece that you can get it to balance.  If you are going to do that, I highly suggest you find a place that isn’t going to be knocked at all because even jumping up and down will make it tip over.  So, while you can set it out, it’s probably not the recommended way to display the ornament.

When you go to hang the ornament, you’ll find that it tips forward just ever so slightly.  You’ll truly only notice it if you are looking for it, it is that minor.

And you’ll find the series marker on the back next to the handle for the cookie cutter.

While not the best ornament in the series, I do still really like it.  So if you are looking for a fun Easter decoration, be sure to consider Happy Easter, Cookie Cutter Mouse!

And if you are looking for more cute holiday cookie cutters, check out the rest of the Cookie Cutters Through the Year series.

Original Price: $15.95

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  1. Like you, Mark, I was just a tad disappointed with Happy Easter. After comparing with its companions, I think the difference is that there is no extra oomph: no glitter and no pearlized paint, and not as much dimensionality as the others. I've even gone so far as to think about customizing to give it some 'pop', if only I could decide what to do! Great little series, and I hope H* can figure out a way to add a few more to round out the year!