Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It was upfronts week this week, when the networks announced their fall line up.  Not surprising, all of my main shows are back, so I'm not looking at the new shows.  I don't have room for anything new.  No, really, this year I mean it.  Okay, so there were a couple of shows I was looking at, but existing shows moved into that time slot, so that's out.

Speaking of which, I think this season has some of the most surprising moves for my schedule.  After six seasons, Once is moving to Fridays.  After 5 seasons, Arrow is moving to Thursdays at 9.  This is going to take some serious adjustment on my part since I really do have a feeling for the day of the week based on what shows I'm looking forward to that night.  I know, I know, only a TV addict like me, right?

But enough about next season, here's what I thought about my shows this week.

Once Upon a Time – I know they were trying to parallel season 1 with this finale since they were treating it as a season finale of sorts, but there was too much of Emma now knowing who she was.  I enjoyed it, but it felt repetitive.  However, they finally gave Gold a backbone and they undid the Gideon as an adult thing, but of which I loved.  The final act with us seeing everyone’s happy endings?  That was fantastic!  I was smiling at the end.  And the final scene?  Adult Henry needs to come back to help his family?  I’ve very intrigued by what is going on.  I was planning to watch season 7 reluctantly, but now I’m on board and ready to go.  Is it next season yet?

Supergirl – So let me see if I have this right.  Those who have been opposing the aliens are evil because they are thinly disguised Trump supporters.  Now the aliens are evil with their promise to “Make Earth Great Again?”  Please.  You can’t have it both ways.  I was excited for Cat to come back, but she was so political it was hard to enjoy.  Still, I was laughing so hard when she recognized James right off the bat.  I just wish they could give us this alien invasion without preaching to us.

Dancing with the Stars – I had figured Dave would be going home this week, so I think I was as shocked as they were.  And Simone leaving on a week when she finally has her breakthrough and gets two perfect scores?  She was very gracious, and she seemed almost happy to be going, or maybe that was just me.  Either way, it makes next week much more interesting.

Angie Tribecca – Yes, I called several of their jokes, but that didn’t make them any less funny.  It was nice to take the act on the road.  The serial killer story is a bit predictable, but it is still fun.  So what was up with the gravestone at the end?  Was it a message from the killer?  A sign that her father is still alive?  Both?  Just something random?  Knowing this show, probably the last one, but we’ll find out in the weeks to come, I guess.

The Flash – Whoa.  I’m just whoa.  They actually went there.  I was expecting a last minute save.  Of course, I was also expecting the final confrontation to be last week, not this week, so I’m very curious where they are going to go next week.  One theory I’ve had is that they will undo the entire Flashpoint thing somehow, but I hope they are careful in how they do it so it isn’t a Dallas “It was all a dream” cheat.  I just can’t imagine that they are getting rid of Iris.

Team Ninja Warrior – I really like Joe, so I’m always rooting for him and his team.  Naturally, that means the results here had me very happy.  They had me worried for a while there because there were plenty of twists and turns, but the end result is me happy.

Arrow – Not nearly as surprised by the events of this episode as I was The Flash.  You knew Chase wasn’t going to stay in prison for two episodes.  Something had to happen.  It was pretty much just set up for next week, but it was enjoyable set up, and I’m anxious to see where it is going to lead, especially with the people Oliver is recruiting for his team.

Survivor – It’s been a while since they had two tribal in one hour long episode, so when I realized they were opening with an immunity challenge, I was surprised.  This season continues to surprise with the alliances that form and reform.  I can hardly keep track of who is playing with whom from one week to the next.  Makes it a lot more fun, too.

Designated Survivor – They wrapped up quite a bit, which I appreciate, while still leaving us with a monster of a cliffhanger.  This is going to set things up for a fun season 2.  Having said that, I feel like there was too much wrap up.  Some of those things happened too fast.  They really should have spread them out to a few more episodes instead of all in one.  And yes, this is coming from the 24 fan.

The Amazing Race – I really have to hand it to Becca.  She was obviously frustrated at the Road Block (and understandably so), but she let it out before Floyd got back.  And she had the right reaction when he collapsed – she was concerned about his health over the race.  I found them annoying at times, but I didn’t want to see them go out this way.  Brooke?  Why couldn’t you be the one to leave tonight?  So frustrating!  Scott’s asides to the camera are pretty funny, but even so, they aren’t enough to make up for her.

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