Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ornament Review: Hans K. Woodsworth - Snowtop Lodge #11 - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Creative idea
Cons: A bit plainer than rest of series; tips
The Bottom Line:
Wood crafts are featured
But ornament little plain
Still good overall

Wood You Like This Ornament?

For the second ornament in a row, Snowtop Lodge is taking us indoors with a snowman that prefers to spend time crafting rather than outside in the cold weather.  (I can certainly understand.)  Hans K. Woodsworth is ready to help make a child’s Christmas merry.

You see, Hans is a wood carver (as I’m sure you guessed from his name).  In fact, he’s holding his newest creation, a wooden horse with wheels, that some child will be delighted to find under their tree Christmas morning.  He’s wearing his wood working apron around his waist, and it has two tools sticking up from pockets.  On his head, he’s wearing an elf hat instead of a Santa hat, and it is green with some red trim.  That elf theme is carried over to the scene painted on his bottom snowball since we get a picture of a wood shop with other elves working away on more toys.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the stronger ornaments in the series.  Part of it I know is me.  I didn’t have many wooden toys as a kid, so this doesn’t inspire the nostalgia in me I’m sure it is supposed to.  I could still appreciate it, however, but overall the ornament just feels a little plain.  For example, Hans doesn’t have any buttons.  Some of the others in the series have buttons that tie into their theme, but Hans doesn’t have any at all.  He’s good, but he’s missing the special touches that would make him great.

Like his brothers and sisters in the series, he has a nice flat base, so you can set him out to enjoy anywhere.  Since he is made from porcelain, you’ll want to be careful and place him on a surface where he won’t be bumped.

Of you can hang him on a sturdy branch on your tree.  You’ll find the ring almost hidden by his elf hat.  Since it is off to one side, it’s not surprising that he tips slightly to the left and forward.

Since Hans in part of a series, you’ll find an 11 in a Christmas tree on his bottom as well.

While Hans K, Woodsworth isn’t the best in the series, he’s still got a charm to him.  He might not have as great appeal outside the series, but those who collect the series will be glad to have him in their collection.

Enjoy the rest of the Snowtop Lodge series.

Original Price: $19.95

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