Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ornament Review: The Three Little Pigs - Storybook Classic Collection #9 - 2017 Disney Story Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Captures the Three Little Pigs perfectly
Cons: Major tilt forward
The Bottom Line:
Pigs in classic pose
Nice to see this ornament
Of early classic

The Three Little Pigs are ready for a Celebration

If you are doing a storybook related ornament series based on Disney animation, you have to include The Three Little Pigs.  This Silly Symphony cartoon was one of Disney’s biggest hits of the 1930’s, so it really is a natural addition to the series.

Like a few other ornaments in the series, this one relies more on the book Disney released after the cartoon than the cartoon itself.  We get the three little pigs celebrating after the wolf is defeated.  We see this exact scene nowhere in the short, but it still feels like an iconic shot of our three heroes.  From left to right, they are in order of the houses the built, and the Piggy who built a house of straw is playing his flute.  The Piggy who built his house of sticks is playing his fiddle and he’s actually jumping in the air.  On the first right we get the Piggy who build his house of bricks.  His piano is a bit too big to actually carry with them, so he is the only one without his instrument.

As I said, we never get this shot in the short anywhere, but I was actually surprised when I realized that while rewatching it.  We’ve seen this pose of the characters so often it feels right.  And for that reason, I like it.  The characters look great, with the details of their clothes being perfect.

And the three are standing on a round base that looks like a field.  Fans who want to display this year round will be happy since they can do just that.

There is a light blue ribbon attached to the top, so you can hang the ornament.  However, you’ll find that it tips forward some.  The way the characters are posed helps disguise it a little, but as soon as you look at the base you’ll discover just how much they are tilted.

Even though this ornament tilts, I do still like it.  It’s not often we get merchandise for The Three Little Pigs, and it’s nice to see Disney honoring this classic.

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Original Price: $19.95

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