Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pin Review: The Three Little Pigs - Storybook Classic Collection #9 - 2017 Disney Store Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Captures the pigs happy after victory
Cons: Something different for the inside scene would have been nice
The Bottom Line:
Celebrating Pigs
Captured in these two great scenes
In one book shaped pin

No Wolf to be Afraid of Here

Disney’s first mega hit song didn’t come from Snow White.  Instead, it came from The Three Little Pigs, one of the shorts in the Silly Symphony series.  “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” became a rallying cry in the face of the Great Depression.  However, for the pin that celebrates this short as part of the Storybook Classics Collection, the focus is on the title characters of The Three Little Pigs

Like all books, there is a cover which opens to reveal a second scene inside.  The cover is a recreation of the cover from a book that Disney released years ago.  It shows the pigs celebrating the wolf running away at the end.  (If only they knew sequels were coming.)  The cover is simple, with a pink background and a black outline of the characters with the title in black.

Inside, we get a full color picture.  This time, the pigs are in a circle dancing around because the wolf has gone away.  This looks close to the actual scene in the short where they celebrate the wolf running away at the end except that pig who built his house of bricks is playing a harmonica instead of his piano and all three of them are outside.

I do wish we could have gotten something else for the inside scene.  Essentially, the ornament released as part of this series and the cover of this pin are the same, and the inside is very similar.  Something with the wolf would have been fun.  Granted, they don’t have a huge space to work with, but I’m sure they could have done something.  Maybe the part where he landed in the pot after coming down the chimney.

Because of the two parts to the pin hinged together, this is a heavier pin than most Disney pins.  To help compensate, this has two sticks on the back to help hold it in place.

While I would have liked to see something different inside, that’s overall a minor complaint.  This continues to be a fun series, and it’s wonderful to see The Three Little Pigs recognized with a pin.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Storybook Classic Collection.

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