Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Shows are back in full force, which means Tuesdays are super busy again.

This is Us (1/9) – That was intense.  The sessions are exactly why I don’t tend to buy into the idea that there is a genetic component to addiction.  They wanted to write off Kevin’s issues to Jack’s issues.  However, the issues that came out are definitely things my family has talked about on the show.  They didn’t try to make Kevin a fifth wheel, but he kind of was.  It just shouldn’t have come out like that.

Supergirl – I’m glad that Mon-El and his wife are off the sidelines, although I really didn’t expect her to survive the battle.  I mean, you know something is going to happen to her, especially now that we know the story.  But I’m wondering about the Reign story.  She’s so strong already.  How can they build this up for the rest of the season?

The Flash – Obviously, it’s the mystery reader in me coming out, but I keep wondering why no one brought this up at the trial – if Barry is such a great CSI, why would he commit murder in his own apartment and leave so much evidence convicting him around?  I mean, seriously, if that isn’t evidence he was framed, I don’t know what is.  I am very curious to see how they get him out of this, that is for sure.

Lethal Weapon – The comedy was spot on, and I always enjoy seeing more of the doctor, but I’m really getting tired of Riggs being so very dark and Murtaugh being so clueless with his family.  I knew these are the traits they’ve established for them, and I especially get it with what they are exploring with Riggs this season, but I’m missing the other dimensions to their characters.

Ellen’s Game of Games – It may have helped that I was only half watching this week, but the contestants didn’t seem as annoying this week.  I don’t think I would do well on the show at all since it plays into my phobias so much, but it’s amusing to watch for sure.

Black Lightning – Because I need another show, and another superhero show at that….  Seriously, I’ve been going back and forth on this show, so I decided to give it a try.  It was okay.  I feel like I’m not the right audience for it, which is fine.  It was also a pilot, but they had to get the exposition in there.  I’ll see what I think next week.  It could be good or it could be dark, and if it is too dark, I’m probably out.

This is Us – Randall’s story wasn’t the best this week, but I loved Kevin and Kate.  Kate becoming friends with the least likely person.  And Kevin finally accepting Miguel.  Granted, I’ve always like Miguel since it’s Esposito from Castle, but I hope we begin to see more thawing toward him in the present day.

Amazing Race – I had figured the basketball players weren’t long for the race all along.  It is very physically demanding, and teams like them don’t do well.  But they got an extra lease on life this week.  We’ll see how they fair next week.

The Librarians – I get why they had Cassandra back in the library.  She needed a lesser load after last week, and it helped sell the two sides switching sides at the end.  But I miss the entire team working together.  Very curious how they will resolve this division they’ve created.

The Big Bang Theory – Yes, the episode was supposed to be about Raj.  His storyline was rather predictable.  However, I found Sheldon and Leonard to be the highlight.  I don’t buy his reaction to Sheldon acting like a normal human being for a change, but it was downright hilarious, which is all that really matters for a sitcom, right?

The Good Place – I used to love this show.  That was until they dissed Ultimate Frisbee.  How dare they!!!  Okay, okay, so I laughed multiple times as always.  So many witty lines, so many fun moments.  And I really, truly love Michael and what they’ve done with him.

Arrow – While there was plenty of blame to go around on the Team Arrow break up, the newbies are definitely acting more childish at the moment.  Oliver did apologize.  Oliver!  He never does that.  Obviously, this team divided thing is going to make things very hard for everyone to defeat James.  I’m sure they will come together by the end of the season, but what drama are we going to go through first?

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