Saturday, January 13, 2018

Weekly TV Thoughts

I've had lots of family this week, so I haven't done as much TV watching as normal.  Ironically, the one show I haven't gotten watched yet is This is Us, one of the very few shows the entire family watches.

Lethal Weapon – Leo is always fun, and Leo teaming up with Trish was great.  The interesting twists about Riggs keep coming – his wife knew his father was in prison.  They keep turning Roger into a duffus, and I’m not really happy about that.

Ellen’s Game of Games – Back to annoying contestants.  They may be my biggest turn off to the show.  The first time we see the umbrella game, and the contestant gets the cash first thing.  And then goes on to win the entire thing.  That’s pretty impressive on her part.

The Amazing Race – I would have been okay with the race that did if it had been at the beginning.  To have that lead to your elimination was a bit harsh.  At the beginning, you still have some time to recover, there being a penalty if you don’t win, of course.  At least the Yale team wasn’t eliminated because of it, and I was okay with the Goat Yoga team being eliminated, so it’s not like a favorite team is gone because of it.

The Librarians – Cassandra did a good job of flying solo that episode.  They are really doing a lot of that kind of stuff this season, aren’t they?  That town seemed to nice.  I knew it was too good to last, but I loved the idea, too.  They did a good job of creating such an idyllic place.

The Big Bang Theory – Yes, the best scene of the night was Penny walking back in after helping Sheldon with string theory.  Amy and Leonard’s reactions were just priceless.  However, Sheldon’s phone calls with his mom were pretty funny as well.

The Good Place – This was just a way of saying goodbye to the place we’d come to know over the last season and two thirds.  It wasn’t the best episode overall, but it had it’s moments, most of them revolving around Michael.  The best moment was him getting the “Human Started Kit.”  That was very funny.

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