Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I'd forgotten that CBS will have March Madness for the next couple of weeks, but I really am surprised that the CW seems to be taking off a couple of weeks as well.  I guess I'll enjoy the quiet while I can.

Meanwhile, This is Us ended for the season, and I think I added a new show to my roster.

Once Upon a Time (3/9) – Regina has ties to the Princess and the Frog characters?  Really?  Once again, one of my problems with this season is the attempts to bring other characters and tie them in with characters we already know.  Interested in where they will go with this, however.  Not ruling it out completely yet.  Glad Lucy knows what is going on now as well.  And was it me, or was Victoria’s death almost brushed aside.

American Ninja Warrior – USA Vs. the World – I was impressed with how the Latin America team did, especially compared to last year.  If they hadn’t reset the points, I suspect it would have been the USA that won, so I’m glad they did.  I wonder how much having seen the obstacles makes any difference.  I’m shocked at how poorly the team from Asia did.  I constantly think they will do better than they do.  Is it the course or something else that trips them up?

Deception – I wasn’t looking for a new show, but one preview of this and I was intrigued.  It was just what it promised – a slick and fun mystery show, and the magic element is going to be fun.  I wish we weren’t trying to get someone out of jail – I don’t need that extra story.  I can tell I’m going to have to pay more attention than normal to this one since the magic happens very quickly.

Legends of Tomorrow – That felt like a Halloween episode.  I’ve been saying that a lot about this show recently, haven’t I?  I liked what they did with Wally, although I can’t say there were any real surprises in there.  And I’m assuming they were using recordings with the actor lip syncing to the real Elvis.  Either that, or he has a future as an Elvis impersonator.

The Flash – Not the first time I’ve seen the power switching storyline, but I still enjoyed it here.  That was because they actually used it to advance the characters, especially Iris and Ralph.  Plus, I wonder if this new meta is going to play into defeating Devoe.  And will Harry have the brain power to do it?  His thinking cap does seem to be working for him.

This is Us – Now that’s how you do a season finale.  So much better than last year’s.  I felt like they were tying up so much of this season and teasing us with what is coming in the future.  I’m really worried about the far future, and Deja is going to be a huge issue going forward.  But I’m curious to see Kevin with Zoe.  And Kate is obviously proving Toby’s parents wrong.  What is going on with him?  It really does look like they will be stronger next season.  At least I hope so.

Survivor – I’m going to give them credit for breaking the curse of that idol.  It was used.  The player who used it didn’t go out, although his alliance member did.  And they tried very hard to shake things up with it.  That was pretty impressive, and you have to hand it to Jeff for not giving away that they was lying through his teeth.

Designated Survivor – The season finally seems to be gaining a little steam.  I’m actually on the President’s side with the video.  Not saying his apology wasn’t excellent, but I really don’t see how what he did to the prisoner was wrong, all things considered.  Love how he resolved the land issue, and honestly, I think imminent domain is overused period.  The hacker storyline is getting very interesting.  Love the essay sub-plot, and the final scenes with his brother were outstanding.  Yep, an all-around great episode.

Ninja Vs. Ninja – I’m not too surprised about who is moving on from tonight.  I was actually surprised the Olympias made it as far as they did since they aren’t among the best that Ninja has to offer.  I was very impressed with how they did.

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