Monday, May 14, 2018

Ornament Review: Groovin' Guitar - 2017 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute ornament with fun interactive music
Cons: Tips forward
The Bottom Line:
Rocking Jingle Bells
In fun electric guitar
Sold on ornaments

Rockin’ Penguin Ornament

In 2017, Hallmark introduced a new Keepsake Power Cord, and I fully intended to ignore it and not buy any of the ornaments that connect to it.  That last until I actually saw the ornaments in action.  Not only did I buy the first three in the Star Wars Storytellers series, but I also bought all three of the Merry Music Makers ornaments, including Groovin’ Guitar.

Wouldn’t you know it, but I started back collecting the penguins that artist Kristina Gaughran has been doing just before these were released.  Yes, these are her penguins, which means you know they are cute.  Each ornament features a different penguin playing a different instrument.  In this case, the penguin is sitting down holding an electric guitar.  It’s a little big for him, but he’s making the most of it.  He’s sitting on a nice sized white base that is sculpted to look like snow.

While he’s a little big for a standard Hallmark ornament, you could certainly enjoy him as an ornament.  But you are paying for the electronics, so you’ll want to hook him up to the power cord (sold separately).  When you do, you’ll find that the guitar actually lights up.  It cycles through several different colors.  And when you press the button in the front of the ornament, you get to hear “Jingle Bells.”  The song lasts about 22 seconds, and it has a fun, jazz guitar feel with the colors flashing in time.

What makes these ornaments fun is the way they interact.  You really want all three of them.  You see, when you have all three and all three are plugged into the power cord, they interact with each other.  You get to hear the other instruments chime in and really bring out the jazz in this rendition of the song.

Because of the electrics, these ornaments have a nice solid base, so you can set them out to be displayed anywhere.  Or, if you want to hang this guy on your tree, you’ll find that he tips forward slightly.  That’s the only flaw in this ornament, however.

These ornaments were so much fun, I just couldn’t pass them by.  Pick up Groovin’ Guitar and his friends and you’ll see what I mean.

Want to see them in action?  Check out my YouTube video.

Original Price: $24.95

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