Saturday, January 18, 2020

January 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I did it!  At least I think I did.  I specifically didn't watch this week's This is Us.  I did read a recap, and it is still on my DVR, but I think I'm letting the show go.  We'll see if I read anything in the next few weeks that changes my mind.

Meanwhile, where is what I did watch.

God Friended Me – I’m going to have a hard time with the cancer storyline.  It’s still too rare for me, and since this will be bringing other stuff up for them, it won’t be easy.  I’m a bit surprised at the resolution to the episode of the week.  Seems like moving across the country for someone you are no longer married to is a poor decision, or maybe that’s just me.  So is that hacker actually involved in the God account?  Or is he another dead end?

Arrow: Crisis Part 4 – How cool was that cameo?  And I had no idea it was coming.  I’ll admit, it took me until almost the end to realize who that was, so I had to watch it again.  Still, so freaking cool!  The rest of the episode?  It was Arrow at its weirdest, and that’s not a good thing.  Sara and Barry saying goodbye to Oliver was harder to watch than any of the goodbyes from the earlier part of the crossover.

Legends of Tomorrow: Crisis Part 5 – Once again, this show proves it is the most fun show in the Arrowverse.  I mean, seriously, how many lines made me laugh?  And “Rebecca?”  What a fun way to end the crossover event.  Although I’m still not completely happy with everyone being on one earth.  I just feel like something is gone – some magic.  I get that we’ve got a new multi-verse of sorts, but it just doesn’t feel the same, at least not yet.  And I feel like they need to wrap a few things up, like the new/restored kids and Lex being a good guy. (Although I am thrilled with toddler Sara, I always hated that they got rid of her.)  I mean, I hope that doesn’t seriously resolve the Lena issue because that would be poor writing.  I guess we will find out on Sunday.

Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time – And it’s over in four.  Brad never did get to win one, but Ken won it very easily.  Looks like I was rooting for the right guy to win.  Although I can’t believe he was originally on the show that long ago.  How is that possible?  I feel so old now.  Anyway, congrats, Ken!

The Good Place – Jason giving good advice?  Really?  That’s pretty amazing.  Yet it was so sweet how that storyline played out.  Vicky in charge of the new project?  That’s pretty surprising.  I can see why Michael handed it off to her, however.  And those bears were so funny.  I’m surprised that the gang is heading to the Good Place with two episodes left.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if that was the final episode.  As always, I’m curious to see where they do with the final episodes.

Carol’s Second Act – Nothing super surprising about either story, although I found the resolution super sweet.  And not just because of those cookies.


  1. What, you're letting This is Us go? Why? I'm just curious. It's one of my favorite ever shows! I watched the first episode of The Good Place and gave up on it. I do watch every episode of Carol's Second Act, but haven't seen any of the others. Would have definitely watched Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time if I had known about it.

    1. I got tired of the manufactured drama on This is Us. It feels so forced these days. I felt the first season was good, but it's been going downhill ever sense, and I just got tired of it.