Saturday, April 4, 2020

April 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Just two shows to talk about this week.

God Friended Me – It sure did seem like things were ending early on this one.  I knew there had to be another twist or two.  I wasn’t expecting Ally to be rejected from the trial at the end.  That was a nice twist.  But that cliffhanger?  Yeah, I was yelling at the TV.  At least we do get a new episode in two weeks.  I’m really fearful of what the cliffhanger is going to look like when the season “ends” since the season has been cut short.

Survivor – I was rooting for Ethan to get back in the game.  It always amazes me when someone makes it back in and doesn’t get voted out right away, however.  Good job, Tyson.  Two challenges I recognized, at least the snake part of the first challenge.  I always enjoy seeing how people fare on stuff again, so that wasn’t a complaint.  And talk about nail bitter – wow that was a close finish to the first one.

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