Sunday, October 18, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Haunted Manion - Crests of the Kingdom - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun tribute to a fan favorite ride
Cons: No cons haunt this pin
The Bottom Line:
All foolish mortals
Will welcome attraction pin
Celebrating haunts

Haunted Crest

It’s really no surprise that the Haunted Mansion popped up in the Crests of the Kingdom pin series that was released in Disneyland last year.  It’s a fan favorite attraction with tons of other merchandise.  It would have been more surprising if it hadn’t been included.

The front of the pin is a three-dimensional gray pewter.  It’s got lots of little things hidden in it, like ghostly figures.  The main items you’ll notice are the bird and the gargoyle candelabra.  The Latin phrase is only two words this time, “Mortalim stultum,” which means “Foolish man.”  I know, I know, let the jokes begin.  I bet that they are really playing on the phrase the Ghost Host greets us with “Welcome, foolish mortal.”

When you open this pin up, you’ll find a cartoony picture of the three hitchhiking ghosts.  I figured it would be either them or Madam Leota.  It’s a fun shot of the three of them, and I guess it means that all three have followed me home.  I may have to take that up with the Ghost Host since he promised only one ghost was going to follow me home.

Clearly, this is a fun crest that will please the fans of the ride.  While not one of my favorite rides in the park (I know, shocking to find one I admit to not loving), I still appreciate this pin and appreciate the nods to the classic attraction we get here.

If you are a fan of this attraction, you’ll enjoy having tracked down the Haunted Mansion Crests of the Kingdom pin.  If you were collecting the pin series, you’ll also be thrilled with this addition to the series.

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