Saturday, October 17, 2020

October 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Dancing with the Stars – Not Jesse!  He was one of my early favorites, so I’m sorry to see him go.  I couldn’t tell you where he was placing in the rankings normally, but I felt it was higher than this.  But one bad week really can be the end of a run on this show – not the first time we’ve seen that happen.  It is nice to see someone bounce back from being in the bottom two and get high scores the next week.  And it shows how little I know the 80’s – I hardly recognized any of the songs.

American Ninja Warrior – I would have been more surprised if The Kid had made it further.  In fact, I was a bit surprised he made it as far as he did.  The first one out of the gate rarely does well.  Yep, they need to change their editing.  Some of those new obstacles looked hard.  Still, happy to see so many favorites advancing.  I’m curious what they will do for the finals.

The Weakest Link – They did so well in the first round, I thought they’d bank more than they did overall.  They fell victim to being greedy and not banking much later on.  And, of course, they started missing questions, too.

Tell Me a Story – Yes, I decided to go ahead and come back for the second season.  Surprised?  I’m sure not.  Looks like we are dealing with three princess stories this time around, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast.  Of course, they are going to be massively twisted.  I think I’m missing a few of the connections, but they also seemed to be a bit more blatant about connecting everything right away.  I don’t feel like any of the characters are being blatantly stupid, at least right now.  Well, the stalker guys are, but they are supposed to be stupid.  They’re the villains.  No stupid heroes, at least at the moment.

Ellen’s Game of Games – I’m very surprised they brought the Maze game back.  It just doesn’t translate well to TV since we can’t really follow what is happening.  I like the new game, although it is the only game where the winner doesn’t get anything bad happening to him or her either.

The Amazing Race – I’m so happy this show is back!!!  Of course, I also hate to see a sympathetic team I love leave first.  I wanted those friends to last for quite a while.  I was hoping when they were still racing that no one was going to be eliminated, but I guess that wasn’t to be.  Love to visit that beach.  I probably would have struggle with the steal drum challenge more than I’d care to admit, but I feel like it would have been fairly easy especially compared to some of the other challenges.

Star Trek: Discovery – This felt a bit more like a regular episode of something.  I mean, we were finally through all of Michael’s backstory.  I’m curious where they are going with some things, but it still seems to be moving rather slowly.


  1. I was disappointed to see Jesse go to! But really right now I like pretty much all of them and it seems like everyone is pretty strong.

  2. With you on the team that got booted from Amazing Race. They seemed like cool dudes. Still, there are a few teams that seem likable, which is good. Just glad this show is back on. Hard to believe this was actually filmed like two years ago. Also, sad that this will be the last race we will see for awhile. They stopped filming because of the pandemic, but I think they are supposed to resume at some point. I guess that's why they have had to shift things around, since Survivor also has been impacted too. Assuming they resume Amazing Race from where it left off during the pandemic, it will be interesting to see how they show it when they do. Or will they just restart the race? Doesn't matter, but will be curious to see how they manage all of this.