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Book Review: NERDS - Attack of the BULLIES by Michael Buckley (NERDS #5)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun action to wrap up the series
Cons: A couple minor quibbles worth noting only in passing
The Bottom Line:
Fanciful series
Ending that fans will enjoy
Filled with lots of fun

NERDS VS. BULLIES – So What Else is New?

I discovered Middle Grade author Michael Buckley about the time that his NERDS series premiered.  I have been following along with every book, enjoying the insane and fun ride.  Attack of the BULLIES is the final book in the series, and it closes things out with a bang.

This series focuses on a team of five kids who are secretly spies out saving the world.  Each member of the team has been given nanobyte upgrades that turn their weaknesses into strengths.  They have such abilities as super speed, an allergy warning system, and mechanical braches that can create anything you need.  These are a huge help since the kids live in a world of super villains out to take it over at a moments notice.

Ruby’s family is facing a crisis.  Both sides of the family are coming together for a giant Hanukkah/Christmas celebration.  The problem is, these family get togethers always seem to end with giant fights.  And her parents are counting on her to keep everything organized.

But Ruby’s family crisis will have to wait.  Ever since Miss Information appeared on the scene, she has been running the NERDS ragged.  They aren’t even pretending to attend classes as they set off around the world stopping her various plans.  But now her plans include creating her own team, the BULLIES.  She’s also planning to kidnap the First Daughter.  Will Ruby be able to lead the team to stop her?

Each book in the series has focused on a different member of the team, and this time it is Ruby’s turn.  As usual, she gets developed nicely.  Unfortunately, the rest of the team usually suffers as a result, but kids won’t mind.  I really noticed this only is passing.

The action is fast and steady in the book, but there is a good story holding it all together.  I enjoyed every page as I waited to see how it would end.  The ending might have been a bit stronger, but I don’t really mind and the middle grade audience won’t mind either.

As you might have figured out, there is a fantasy element in the series, and this book is no exception.  That just adds to the fun.

All this is mixed with a dose of humor.  Yes, we’re talking end of the world spy kind of action, but there are some jokes slipped in when you least expect it.  Plus the villain is a hoot at times as is the reaction of her minions.

And I can’t leave out the illustrations from Ethen Beavers scattered throughout the book.  They aren’t in every chapter, but they are fun when they do appear.

I’m sorry to see NERDS end, but Attack of the BULLIES sends things off with a bang.  Fans of the series of any age will enjoy every page.

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