Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ornament Review: Cinema - Noelville #8 - 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Sweet looking cinema
Cons: Doesn't have quite the flair of the early ornaments in the series
The Bottom Line:
Ready for a film
In old fashioned cinema
With candy touches

Snacks are on the House at the Noelville Cinema

Every town needs a fun place to hang out and enjoy some relaxation.  Now that we are eight buildings into the Noelville series, this town has finally gotten that with the Cinema.

Each building in this series features a decorated gingerbread house.  We've had several shops, two houses, a church, and a schoolhouse.  But this year is the cinema.  It has, as you would expect, plain brown sides.  But it has a marquee sticking out the front with Cinema written on it and a star on either side.  There's also a ticket booth sticking out from the front with a gingerbread ticket taker ready to help you attend the latest blockbuster.

Being a gingerbread house, there are decorations like the gumdrops of various colors on the roof.  There are half cupcakes sticking out of the sides with frosting on top.  And the sides all have red licorice on them.  But I think my favorite touch is the half candied orange sticking up from the roof of the cinema.  It even has Noelville written on it.  Finally, there's a mound of frosting sticking up behind the orange for the perfect finish.

But what first attracted me to this series was the fact that you can attach it to a light string and get color shining through various parts of the ornament.  You can see the glow through the doors and windows, which isn't a surprise.  But the gumdrops on the roof and the half orange also light up.  Those are the touches that make me smile.

On the whole, I really do like this ornament.  It immediately makes me think of a movie theater.  I do wish it had the details and various colors of the earlier entries in the series, but it is a good addition to the series.

Like the others, the bottom of this ornament is flat.  What do you expect from a building?  Since this is the 8th in the series, you can find the Christmas tree series marker on the bottom as well.

The ring for hanging this ornament is on the top of the frosting cone on the roof.  It's centered and the ornament is balance, so it hangs perfectly straight.  Of course, when you attach the lights, that might shift, but you've got a perfect place to start.

So sit back and enjoy a movie.  Maybe It's a Sweet Life or A Christmas Cane Story is playing inside.  Either way, you'll enjoy your visit to Noelville's Cinema.

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Original Price: $19.95

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