Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18th's Waiting on Wednesday

Welcome to the mid-point of the week and this week's Waiting on Wednesday.  This week's book is The Chocolate Book Bandit.

This book is the 13th book in the Chocoholic Mysteries, a light and fluffy cozy series.  The main character and her aunt run a gourmet chocolate shop in a resort community on the shores of Lake Michigan.

These books are always easy reads.  I sail through them.  But the plots are always engaging and the characters are always fun.  I really do liken them to chocolate.  Not necessarily that good for you, but perfectly delightful and well worth the calories.

Speaking of which, these books don't have recipes in them (a change for the genre), but they do have chocolate trivia.

I always feel the need to have some chocolate on hand when I read these books.  Nothing fancy like they sell in the shop, but enough to satisfy the cravings that always develop.

The Chocolate Book Bandit comes out in a couple of weeks on October 1st.

And as long as I have your attention, if you are looking for a light, no pressure reading challenge for the Fall, be sure to check out Fall Into Reading 2013, which starts on Sunday.  No, I'm not hosting, but I am participating, so come back on Sunday to see my list.


  1. Interesting pick. Thanks for sharing :)

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