Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13th Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Hi and welcome to another Friday!  That can only mean one thing.  Yes, my first post since Tuesday night.  But also time for Book Beginnings and Friday 56.

I just finished book 5 of NERDS by Michael Buckley.  This one was called Attack of the BULLIES.  And it's a fun end to the series with lots of action and humor with some fantasy thrown in, too.  Everything the target middle grade audience will love.  I'll have a full review Sunday night as part of Marvelous Middle Grade Monday.  But in the mean time.

This is from the Prologue:

The principal of Thomas Knowlton Middle School was working at his desk when the ninjas attacked.

And chapter one:

"How did I get here?" Ruby Peet grumbled to herself as she climbed onto the roof of a British express train.

And jumping ahead to page 56:

"What's on CNN?  Oh, a report about a squirrel that water skis.  Well, that's huge international news, right?  Watch this - he's going to jump a ramp.  Wow, that animal is fearless."

Yes, it really is as fun as these sentences make it sound.  Read them in order, and enjoy.


  1. My students are really into this series. I'll have to give it a try.

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    1. I know lots of kids love it. This young at heart adult has enjoyed the entire series as well.

  2. Love the one about the squirrel. Had to laugh.

    1. It's pretty funny, which is why I chose it. Plus some of the other great lines from the page were pretty spoilerish, so I didn't want to share them.

  3. This is a pretty popular series!! Great choice. I'm a new GFC follower.
    Check out my Friday 56

    1. And reading these as an adult, I can certainly see why they are popular. They are just plain fun!

      Thanks for the follow.

  4. That looks and sounds like a super fun and cute book!
    Happy weekend!

    1. It is a real blast.

      Have a great weekend yourself.

  5. Fun book...thanks for sharing.

    Nice blog too. I don't think I have ever visited.

    Enjoy your day!!

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