Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16th's Weekly TV Recap

I can believe one of my summer shows has a summer finale next week.  Already?  Really?  Time to serious start deciding what new shows I'm going to try this fall, I guess.

But in the mean time, here's what I watched this week.  As always, please leave me your comments on your shows or a link to your blog.

Wipeout - Another normal episode.  I was beginning to think they'd forgotten how to do that.  I was actually rooting for several people who made it to the finals, so I was okay with the outcome for a change.  It's not that I ever hate the outcome, but usually the people I'm rooting for are gone by the half way point.

Royal Pains - I could tell we were going to get several to be continues, but I wasn't expecting that ending with Paige and the mobster being shot at.  I'm very upset about Divya, too, that's just not right.  And what will happen with Hank's patient?  Not to mention that Evan now knows the truth about Emma.  So much mess to clean up next week.

Covert Affairs - You know, I was actually trusting McQuiad all along.  Now it looks like he wasn't to be trusted?  I knew this guy was a dead man walking for several episodes, and I knew he wasn't going to turn out to be crazy.  Now, the question is how will Annie prove it to save her career.  Oh, just had a crazy thought.  What if it isn't McQuiad behind it but his female assistant that I've never liked?  That would be an interesting twist.

Mystery Girls - And we're back to be annoyed.  That wasn't a funny episode - I was cringing most of the time.  Did laugh at the bit at the end with the bag, however.

Suits - I was expecting some major fireworks, and I got them.  Amazing episode with great dynamics and lots of drama.  Is this the end of the SEC story?  If so, it ended brilliantly.  If not, I can't wait to see what happens next.  Either way, it looks like a major shake up again for the summer finale.

Graceland - All the stories are just too much again.  This show works better when they cut out a few things and focus on the rest.  Right now, I'm curious to see what kind of trouble that tape is going to bring.  They're finally paying that off - it's about time.

The Quest - Seriously?  They saved Christian again?  If he has so much to teach, why is he in the bottom every single time?  They should have stuck to their word and gotten rid of him!

Girl Meets World - This show does such a great job of mixing laughs with tender moments.  I don't think there were quite as many laughs tonight as in the past, but I still loved it with the heart these two friends have for each other.  So very good.

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