Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23's Weekly TV Thoughts

It's that time of the week again.  As always, feel free to share your thoughts on what you watched either in the comments or via a link to your own blog post.

Wipeout - I was surprised this was only an hour episode since they seem to go for two hours when they have teams like this.  You'll notice that teams that sniped at each other the most tended to be the ones who didn't make it as far.  Still, I can't imagine wanting to be on the show enough to get back with an ex for it.

America Ninja Warrior - Not too much to comment on here.  The number of people making it to stage two is pretty standard so far, and the ones who have made it are the ones I expected to make it.  The year of the woman continues since, while not finishing stage one, we've had one make it past the Spider Jump.  I'm really curious to see how Kacy does in two weeks on that one since she's so short.

Royal Pains - I love it when everyone makes up.  I was definitely surprised about the shooter and so pleased with Paige for figuring it out.  I don't know why I didn't consider Boris for the backer of HankLab, so that's a perfect choice.  Really, this was a great episode that left me with such a perfect glow.

Covert Affairs - Okay, I admit I don't know what to think about McQuaid.  One minute, I think he's guilty.  The next, I think he's clean and truly being set up by someone.  Obviously, that's because of great writing.  Very curious to see where they go with this next week.

Mystery Girls - After last week's disappointing episode, I wasn't expecting much.  Is that why I enjoyed this episode or what it actually that much better.  I certainly found myself laughing at a few of the lines, and overall, I really enjoyed it.

Suits - Knowing this was the summer finale, I kept waiting for the shoe to drop.  Yet I never saw that ending coming.  Louis Litt as a named partner furious with the other two?  This is going to be very interesting when the show comes back.  So glad to know it's already been renewed for another season once we get the back half of this one this winter.  I'm guessing that's January, but we'll find out for sure later.  And those last two scenes?  Absolutely amazing acting from all three of the actors involved.

Graceland - I am most curious about that tape, and yet once again it is completely ignored.  I have a hard time seeing how any of this will get wrapped up in three episodes.  And unless they wow me, these might be my final three episodes of the series.

The Quest - I'd say this wasn't a good challenge for the ladies, but one of them did win it all.  Of course, three were in the bottom.  I know with my lack of balance, I wouldn't have done well.  And that was an interesting twist that "pick your team" really meant "pick your targets."

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