Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I get to spend all day playing ultimate Frisbee today!!!  I've actually been looking forward to this all week.  I'm very excited in case you couldn't tell.

But we're here to talk about TV, so here are my thoughts on what I watched.

Wipeout - I've never watched an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, so I had no clue who most of these contestants were.  Sorry, the cross promotion didn't do anything for me.  I wasn't that surprised that the women didn't go far - they just didn't seem to be that strong.  Not that I'm one to talk since I wouldn't make it far myself.

American Ninja Warrior - Another tough course.  They just keep making them harder and harder.  But hats off to the one guy who finished first.  There for a while I thought he might be the only one to finish in fact.  We've had the first woman earlier this year and now the oldest.  I can't wait to see Vegas to see if we get the first finisher period.

Royal Pains - I saw that coming with Divya.  I understand her reaction, but I see Jeremiah's point of view, too.  That's one thing I love about the show is they really do show both sides.  And poor Emma.  Never do anything out of anger.  I've still very curious where they are going with her character and story.

Covert Affairs - I knew Auggie couldn't keep two girlfriends going for long, but it looks like both are now going to break up with him.  And just as Annie is finally letting her guard down with the new guy.  And what was that phone call all about at the end?

Mystery Girls - The mystery aspect of the episode pretty much stunk.  I mean, our heroes trace the phones but the police haven't?  Yet I enjoyed the episode.  The show really is growing on me.  This will never be a must see upset if it's canceled show, but it is amusing and fun.

Suits - We are in serious trouble.  I loved how they worked our emotions through the episode, thinking we were safe and then in trouble and back and forth.  Next week is going to be explosive, and I can't wait to see how it all gets resolved.  Not that I expect it to be resolved before the summer finale, but the twists will be interesting once again.

Graceland - I must admit, I couldn't place her at first, but the bank gal was a co-star of the TV show The Middleman.  I knew I knew her from something.  Fun to see her again.  Overall, I feel again like we've got one to many story lines going on.  I'm interested, but there's just too much to keep track of all at once, and it does feel like a soap opera at times.

The Quest - Without all the time to introduce the people, I felt this one was better.  I saw the poisoning coming at the end, of course.  Anyway, it's still cheesy, but better done than the first episode.  I might just stick with it since I've got nothing else on Thursday nights.

Girl Meets World - I've got to admit, I was most drawn to Topanga's story with the bakery.  A part of me gets very tired of the constant lectures about buying local.  (You get it all the time with bookstores.)  However, I liked the nod to the original series with the flashback (but boy did it look bad in HD).  Plus it had Cloris Leachman and Willie Garson for that storyline.  How could it miss?

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