Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

And you wonder why I say summer is just as busy for me these days as the rest of the year TV wise.

Wipeout - Most of the times with teams, I get it since you pick your team mate.  I always feel sorry for the couples in the blind date edition since they could wind up with a really bad partner.  Still, the two couples in the Wipeout Zone at the end were amazing.

American Ninja Warrior - Speed kills.  I said it during the Miami qualifying round, and it happened again tonight.  Shocking, but still, you need to slow down and respect this course.  Also shocking was seeing people go out on the spider climb - haven't seen that in a long time.  Probably because of the humidity there that night, but it was still a shock.  Glad both of those people were able to move on.

Royal Pains - Wow, so much happening yet again.  The sister is about to be in way over her head and her time taking pictures for the gossip blog is going to blow up in her face.  I'm interested to see where this relationship with Hank goes.  And poor Divya now has the wrong impression about a simple, innocent date.  That won't be awkward at all.

Covert Affairs - I really don't like it when Annie is tortured and almost killed during an episode.  I get that it is part of the spy life, I just don't like it.  So many wonderful complications, and I'm curious to see how these various storylines are going to resolve themselves.  Not before plenty of heartache, I'm sure.  And I do like how they used Paris again two weeks in a row.  Save on travel budgets.

Mystery Girls - Nice twists there with the fake kidnapping and the real drug deal.  The sister stuff was a bit shallow and predictable, but I really did enjoy the episode.  I'm not becoming a fan, am I?

Suits - I feel like such a broken recorder, but that was so good.  I'm glad they didn't resolve the Mike/Rachel thing right away.  I was expecting Mike to go back to work at the firm again, but I like the idea of him getting away from there.  I wonder how they will go with the storylines of the season now that everyone is on the same team again.

Graceland - A definite step down from last week, although they are keeping the balls in the air and the stories going forward.  Considering just how many they've got, that's pretty impressive.  I'm so with Paige.  They need to do something now.  Those are humans there we are talking about!

The Quest - So apparently, I was one of the few who watched it.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't all that great either.  It was definitely better than last years' Whodoneit?  Still, I will probably give it one more shot and then pass on the rest, but we'll see.

Girl Meets World - The importance of telling the truth delicately.  Always a good lesson to learn, although poor Cory seems like he was tested to me with that chicken.  I like how he's in some ways still making the mistakes he made from the previous series and yet at other times able to impart some great wisdom.  So much fun.


  1. Lightening got living room dvr 3 times for a few weeks, so many of my shows didn't record. I'll have to watch the first 3 episodes of Royal Pains online, as well as some other shows. I got so backed up it will take me a while to catch up, then I'll start posting again.

    I have been watching Switched At Birth and I can't believe everything that's going on. I hate that Angelo died, I loved his character. Now Daphne is blaming Regina and has been doing some really bad, destructive things. Next week looks good, previews show that she does something and everyone finds out about it, and it isn't good. Can't wait to find out what she did now.

    Mystery Girls is hilarious! Love seeing those two back together, they always had great chemistry. Love that they're doing a comedy now!

    The last American Ninja Warrior I saw was where the girl won.

    1. I had been wondering what had happened to you. Sorry to hear about the DVR and the lightening. Doesn't sound like fun at all. Hope you get to catch up soon.