Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

As promised, here is the post for Weekly TV Thoughts despite the fact that I'm actually out of town at Bouchercon.  (Got to love scheduled posts.)  It also means I missed my Thursday shows (thanks CBS for watching my schedule and preempting Amazing Race on Friday).  Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up at some point this next week.

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Once Upon a Time – Every little answer we get just leaves us with more questions.  What do those ribbons mean?  What happened between Knave and the Red Queen (okay, maybe I’m the only one who cares about that)?  Why can Ingrid control her powers when Elsa and Emma can’t?  I’m sure we’ll be learning more about that soon, but I can’t wait to learn more.  You can read my full recap here.

Gotham – Why must the villains and their mothers overact so much?  Truly, it is painful to watch.  And Carol Kane is a much better actress than that.  But the stuff with Gordan and even Bruce?  Truly wonderful and I’m really getting sucked in to that story.

Dancing with the Stars – The fans are definitely speaking over dancing ability.  Lea wasn’t the best, but she was still very good.  The cream is definitely up on top, however, and it is pretty obvious who should be around for the finals.  And how did we get down to only two weeks left already?

Castle – I loved it!  The mystery wasn’t one of their best, but the rest of the show was outstanding.  The alternate reality was fun and shows how one relationship can change so much.  Meanwhile, the wedding at the end.  I may or may not have teared up a little, although I will deny it if asked.  You can read my full recap here.

The Flash – As always, so many wonderful moments.  Caitlin wondering if she was sounding like Felicity.  Barry’s talk with Iris’s dad.  And the heartbreaking break up scene when they are only friends.  I was a little surprised they killed off a DC villain like that, but the episode was so good I really don’t care.

Agents of SHIELD – I’m so glad we’ve got the carving thing behind us.  I’m not sure I’m going to like the search for the city any better, but Coulson going insane?  Not my favorite plot line of the show.  Hopefully he’s on track from here on out and we can get back to fun action again.  Ward is definitely going to cause some of that, and I’m looking forward to it.

Survivor – So Jon and his girlfriend weren’t as divided as they tried to make them out to be.  And they didn’t go the direction I predicted they would go.  I’m very interested in seeing the fallout of their position.  And seriously, after how many seasons on the air, I can’t believe that anyone would not know how important the social game and being nice to everyone is.  Even if you stab them in the back, if you do it with a smile, you’ll still get their vote.  But you have to be smiling.  Of course, I am assuming that they didn’t do some significant editing, which I know these shows do.

Arrow – A vigilante before the Arrow?  How interesting.  And the Laurel/Oliver dynamic is pretty good as well.  Roy has never been my favorite character, but they really did a great job with him this week, too.  I didn’t see that explanation for his “memory” coming, but it does make sense.  Which leaves just one question, what up with this new archer?

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