Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yep, I managed to get all caught up this week.  Actually, I was proud of myself for getting caught up by Wednesday night.

With Thanksgiving this week, things will start slowing down for winter finales in the next few weeks.  December is one of the truly slow times of the year for TV anymore, although as I watch less and less of the USA Network, summers might get slower again as well.  Heck, maybe I can start watching the TV on DVD sets I have around here.  It would be fun to rewatch some of these shows I love.

But that's in the future.  Here's what I actually did watch this week.  And don't forget to leave me a link to your thoughts on what you watched this week.

Big Bang Theory (11/13) – I’ve got to admit, even with the promos, I didn’t see Sheldon’s broken nose coming.  However, I did see Raj’s final line of the episode coming.  Not that it was any less hilarious.

White Collar (11/13) – Since this is the final season, it makes sense that we are actually, finally, working toward Neal getting free.  It was the kind of thing that had to happen at the end of the show and not before then.  But what will he do with his freedom?  And two moles in the Pink Panthers?  This is going to be a wild ride.

Covert Affairs (11/13) – I did not see that ending coming.  So, why did they kidnap Auggie when they killed the other members of his unit?  What is this really all about?  I’m definitely intrigued.

Once Upon a Time – Two hours still wasn’t long enough.  I just love this show and get lost in it every week.  We also got some great answers this week on how things went down in the past.  How they will stop Ingrid in today’s world is beyond me – at least at the moment.  You can read my full recap here.

Gotham – I liked Bruce and Cat together.  They were so fun and cute.  Plus it really did let us see a non-somber side to his character, finally.  They were the best part of an otherwise ordinary episode.  Next week is the fall finale, and I may not return in the spring, we’ll see.

Dancing with the Stars – Well, his luck and fan base finally ran out.  It was painfully obvious, too, he needed to go.  Some of those scores were shockingly high.  Looks like it should be an epic final come Monday and Tuesday.

Castle – That episode was everything I envisioned.  Heck, Ryan, Lanie, and Esposito’s reactions were exactly what I expected as well.  Nice twist there at the end and the classic Western lines coming from Castle and Beckett made me laugh.  Plus they’ve really gone back to Castle’s writer roots, which I am loving.  You can read my full recap here.

The Flash – Well, Barry and Iris not talking sure didn’t last long.  I like how her boyfriend and Barry are starting to get along.  Don’t tell me they’re setting him up to be murdered.  I am absolutely certain that the “good” doc really does know something about Barry’s mother’s death.  I was happy to see whoever it was show up at the end, until he left that note threatening Iris.  I really am wondering just who is behind it all.

Agents of SHIELD – You know, the first time Tim DeKaye was on the show, I didn’t confuse him with his character on White Collar.  For some reason, this week, I did.  I knew Ward wasn’t to be trusted.  I was a bit surprised he didn’t kill his brother right in front of us.  And I knew that was Skye’s mother as soon as they brought in the rest of the village.  How interesting that her dad is actually on our side even if we don’t know it yet.  Very curious to see how that all plays out.

Arrow – Felicity in that dress?  Wow!  And considering that cannon Arrow wound up with Laurel, they sure are playing up the romance with Felicity.  Honestly, at this point, I’m okay with whichever way they go with the romance on the show.  Just as long as it isn’t Cupid.  Man, was she wacky, but in a good villainous way, of course.

Survivor – I hope we get some insight into what exactly happened next week because I did not see that coming.  Other than John and Jaclyn switching sides constantly.  Honestly, those two are loose cannons.  But it makes for a very exciting season, which is nice for a change of pace.

Big Bang Theory (11/20) – I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago we hadn’t heard about “Fun with Flags” for a while, and then up it popped.  And three plots, so plenty going on.  I wonder if they will tone Bernadette down a little because she truly has become a bit of a bully over the last couple of seasons.  The guy’s story was rather sobering, especially for this show.  Still, all told, it was another fun episode.

White Collar (11/20) – So how will they take down the Pink Panthers without getting those Neal loves in danger?  I mean with Elizabeth pregnant, the stakes there are raise really high.  I like that Neal has a conscious and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but I saw that coming with Amy.  I was hoping she wouldn’t get hurt, but she did.  So sad.

Covert Affairs (11/20) – It was the next step forward, yet I feel like not much truly happened.  Essentially moving the pieces into place for the next episode.  The real question is, what does he want from Auggie?

Amazing Race – I’d actually seen that greased pole thing on another show one time, and it seemed to be like you just had to keep going on it until the grease wore off and you could get to the flag.  So the people should have just kept going.  It’s been a while since a team saved by a non-elimination leg went out the next time around, and in this case, the switching detours certainly is what did them in.  Not that I could handle that greased pole.  Heights and I do not get along.

Girl Meets World – The show was back on!!!  I had an inkling what that final video was going to be, but I liked it.  I did definitely figure out the sub-plot early on.  But stories were funny and sweet, which is why I love this show so much.

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