Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Well, obviously I'm running a bit late this week.  I thought I'd be home in plenty of time last night to get this posted, but I was hanging out with friends until late.  So here are my thoughts for the week, and I look forward to reading yours.

Once Upon a Time – We are slowly getting more information, but it’s just leaving us with more mysteries.  I love it!  What is the Snow Queen up to?  Seriously!  And what is Will Scarlet after?  Yes, I do have more thoughts, and you can read them here.

Gotham – That was actually a good episode.  Why?  It focused on the two detectives and the most of the mobster stuff was nowhere to be found.  Yes, there was the bit with the Penguin, but it obviously tied into the story.  That final scene definitely made me want to watch next week.

Dancing with the Stars – Yes, there were a couple who could have gone home before him, but since I already knew he left, I was able to watch his dance this week.  It really wasn’t super great.  There is a definite gap between most of the field and the bottom of the pack, and hopefully those at the bottom go the next couple of weeks.

Castle – This is the second week in a row they’ve broken with the formula of having the killer be a minor character we met early on and never heard from again.  I like that!  Even more so, this episode was very well crafted from a mystery stand point with false trails that were so well done.  You can read my full recaphere.

The Flash – Even on this show, Felicity got all the best lines.  So many very funny ones.  And yet her points about team work are so true and so true of what the characters on Arrow have gone through.  Loved it.  And yes, I would totally be on board with a Felicity/Barry relationship.  If only they weren’t on different shows.  (And I do what Felicity to stay on Arrow.)

Agents of SHIELD – I knew Ward wouldn’t stay in prison forever, but I think I’m a little surprised he’s out so soon.  Very interested in seeing where his story goes from here.  The scenes with Fitz and Simmons were just heart breaking this week.  Again, I’m loving how they are playing that out, although I do hope Fitz recovers in time at some point.

Survivor – Jeremy might have a point about the rice, but only if the merged tribe is given more rice (which I think often happens, but I don’t know for sure).  If not, then his whole thing about winning a food reward is pointless.  That will feed you for a day, but it will not feed you four days from now.  That’s where a new bag of rice comes into play.  On the other tribe, I wasn’t a fan of Dale, so I’m glad his fake idol didn’t work.  I get why he did it, and I would try if I were him, too.

Arrow – No surprise that we didn’t see Felicity outside that one scene.  She was way too busy over in Central City.  But they are still doing so well with the aftermath of Sarah’s death.  So many heartbreaking scenes, including Detective Lance there at the end.  When he finds out it will be so hard.  I’m glad I’m not the one who has to tell him.  Really, the entire episode was so strong.  Okay, still not a fan of the flashbacks, but it was small tonight, so I’m okay with that.

The Big Bang Theory – You know, that episode didn’t go where I expected it to go.  I wasn’t expecting the guy to be a bigger nerd than the normal characters in the cast.  That was pretty funny.  And they never did resolved Amy and Bernadette’s fight.  Still, some good laughs even with that flaw.  I mean, how can you go wrong with Penny’s “stop smirking” line before the theme song.

The Amazing Race – I was a bit sorry to see the Mother/Daughter team leave because they did seem to be working on their relationship.  However, overall I still didn’t like them.  Likewise, the Dentists are growing on me a bit, but I’m sorry to see them back in first.

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