Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ornament Review: Be Mine, Cookie Cutter Mouse - Cookie Cutter Through the Year #1 - 2017 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute scene kicks off a limited run series
Cons: I love it too much for cons
The Bottom Line:
Valentine’s Day gets
Cookie cutter treatment in
Piece hard not to love

Fall in Love with this Valentine’s Ornament

While many of Hallmark’s series have a limited appeal of one kind or another, some seem to be universally loved.  One of those is their Cookie Cutter Christmas series.  Naturally, they want to capitalize on that popularity all they can, which is why they are starting the six part Cookie Cutter Through the Year series.  This series is going to highlight the special times from the first half of the year, and the series is off to a great start with Be Mine, Cookie Cutter Mouse!

Each ornament in this series will feature a scene inside a differently shaped cookie cutter.  Since the first one is themed for Valentine’s Day, the shape is a heart.  (Shocking, I know.)  Unlike the original series, the cookie cutter borders are copper this time around.

Of course, the real joy is what we see inside.  The scene features a mouse standing in front of a house.  He’s holding a candy heart that says “Be Mine” on it, and in the other hand, he has a couple of lollipops including a heart shaped one.  He obviously lives in a warm climate since there is grass visible around the house.  And the house?  It’s gingerbread of course, with a red and pink roof and a cupcake acting as a bush next to the door.

What makes the original series so much fun is the creativity and cuteness in each piece, and that’s exactly what we get here.  I love how treats are incorporated into the scene as much as possible.  Plus how can you not love getting a complete scene framed in a shape?  Top that off with the cute scene of the mouse declaring his true love to someone, and you have a winner.

The downside to this series does come from the shape.  Being a heart shaped ornament, it has to come to a point down at the bottom.  That means you really can’t set it out to display it – you have to find a way to hang it.  I’m still figuring out just how I will do that, but I didn’t let that stop me from buying it at all.

The loop on this ornament is located in the valley between the two parts of the heart.  The result is a little hard to get hook into, but the effort is rewarded with an ornament that hangs straight.

Even though this isn’t a Christmas series, it still uses Hallmark’s traditional series marker.  In this case, you’ll find a one in a Christmas tree on the back next to the cookie cutter’s handle.  (They really do think of everything, don’t they?)

While displaying this ornament will be tricky, I knew that Be Mine, Cookie Cutter Mouse had to be mine.  This is a cute piece I will enjoy for Valentine’s Days to come.

Celebrate the first six months of the year with the rest of the Cookie Cutter Through the Year series.

Original Price: $15.95

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