Monday, February 20, 2017

Pin Review: Once Upon a Wintertime - Storybook Classics Collection #5 - 2016 Disney Store Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Captures two fun scenes from an obscure short
Cons: Won’t appeal to the broadest base of Disney collectors
The Bottom Line:
Ice skating couple
Star in two scene, charming pin
Fans of rare will want

Pin Your Love for this Almost Forgotten Winter Romance

As big a DisNerd as I am, there are still some things I must admit I’ve forgotten about.  In the case of "Once Upon a Wintertime", I know I had seen it since I’ve seen Melody Time, the movie that included this short.  But it’s been years since I’ve watched that film, so this had slipped to the back of my mind until it was included as part of the Storybook Classics series.

This pin features the couple of the short as they are skating.  The cover shows them skating over the ice.  The woman has her hands inside her hand warmer while the man is looking on adoringly.  The rabbit couple who mirror the humans are at their feet, skating along with them.  The cover is simple with just dark blue ink on a light blue background.  "Once Upon a Wintertime" is written over the top.

But this is the Storybook Classics pin series, and that means that this pin opens.  Inside, we see the couple bending over to share a quick kiss.  Beneath them, the rabbits are looking on and smiling.  It’s a very cute moment in the short, and it is just as cute here.  As a bonus, the inside picture is in full color.

Because this is such an obscure short from an obscure film, I’m not sure that it has a huge audience outside those of us who are trying to complete this pin series.  Fans of the short (or who remember the book from years back) will certainly appreciate it.  The artwork is wonderful since it captures the characters just as they appear in the short.  The two pins in the back will help hold everything in place for you, too.

It’s nice to see Disney shining the light on something obscure from their archives.  Any pin collector who does fondly remember "Once Upon a Wintertime" or anyone who likes collecting the more obscure will appreciate this pin.

If you are a Disney fan, you'll want to check out the rest of the Storybook Classics Collection.

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