Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pin Review: Mary Poppins - Storybook Classics Collection #6 - 2017 Disney Store Release

Stars: 2 out of 5
Pros: Captures images from a book
Cons: Really should tie better to the movie than an out of print book
The Bottom Line:
Pin features fun scenes
Characters too cartoony
If you don’t know book

Over Stylized Pin

The Storybook Classics Pin series is basing the images off the books that the Walt Disney Company released many years ago.  I get that.  And for most of them, that works out just fine.  However, for the Mary Poppins pin, it really doesn’t work well.

Like the others in the series, the pin looks like a book.  There are even hinges, so it can open.  The cover has Mary Poppins written on it in red on a dark pink background.  We can see lavender outlines of Mary Poppins and Jane and Michael Banks as they float around during the tea party on Uncle Andrew’s ceiling.

When you open the book pin, you’ll find a full color illustration of the three character’s walking to the tea party.  They are smiling, but there is nothing behind them but white.

Here’s my problem with the pin – the characters look nothing like anything I’ve seen with them on it.  That’s because I have never seen the book that was the inspiration for this pin.  All I see are three cartoony characters.  Because I know this is Mary Poppins, I can easily figure out who they are, but if I saw them out of context, I’d have no clue.  Yes, it is unfair since they are basing it on something I haven’t seen.  And yet, it might have been wiser to make the characters look a bit more like they do in the movie.  I’m not asking for perfection, but something closer to the actors would help a lot.  Since the rest of this series is based on animated films, they don’t seem to fall into this flaw.  Additionally, the writing on the top of the cover blends in so well it’s next to impossible to read.

Because of the hinges and the two parts to the pin, it is heavier than the average Disney pin and comes with two points to hold it in place.  You’ll definitely want to use both of them if you wear this one.

Mary Poppins is the only pin I’m not completely happy with in the series.  I get what they were trying to do, but for me, it just doesn’t work.

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