Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ornament Review: Zak E. Zamboni - Snowtop Lodge #5 - 2009 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute ornament captures the charms of skating
Cons: Slight tip but should be able to disguise
The Bottom line:
Outdoor skating rink
Snowman enjoying the sport
Series that still charms

This Ornament Will Skate into Your Heart

That’s to all those years of watching Frosty the Snowman, the idea of a snowman skating seems perfectly natural to me.  So Zak E. Zamboni also seems like a natural addition to the Snowtop Lodge series.

This snowman loves ice skating.  As if his name weren’t a giveaway, the ice skates he has in his right hand will certainly let you know that.  He’s dressed for the cold weather with a red vest and red ear muffs over his head.  And in his left hand, he is holding a cup of hot chocolate.  Or maybe coffee.  Perhaps tea.  It’s some hot drink in a white insolated cup.

He also has a scene painted on the bottom snowball.  In this case, it shows people skating around a Christmas tree.  In the background, you can see big city buildings.  For me, it evokes skating in New York City, or at least depictions of it I have seen.  There is snow falling, and the bottom star down Zak’s front looks like it is attached to the top of the Christmas tree.

Thanks to learning the work Zamboni in the Peanuts comic strip as Snoopy participates in ice hockey, I was half expecting this ornament to be hockey themed based on the name.  Yet I really do like what we do get here.  My ice skating is strictly indoor, but I still get the feeling of winter chill and good times with friends that this ornament is supposed to evoke.

Zak is a snowman, so it should come as no surprise that he stands up straight on his own.  You’ll also find the 5 in a Christmas tree painted on the bottom.

But if you want to hang this ornament, you’ll find that he tips slightly left and forward.  However, you should be able to disguise that fairly easily with the branches of your tree.  Speaking of branches, you’ll want to make sure he is on a sturdy branch since he, like the rest of the series, is made from porcelain.

Whether you like to skate indoors or outdoors, Zak E. Zamboni will certainly make you smile.  He also makes a fine addition to the Snowtop Lodge series.

Enjoy more snowpeople with the rest of the Snowtop Lodge series.

Original Price: $18.50

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