Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ornament Review: Inside Out - Disney/Pixar Legends #6 - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Perfectly captures these characters and their relationship
Cons: Seems too big to me
The Bottom Line:
Joy, Sadness combine
For ornament that will thrill
Fans of Inside Out

Perfect Picture of Inside Out

For fans of Inside Out, is there a more iconic image than the characters of Joy and Sadness back to back?  That may not have been an image we saw in the movie but it really was the point of the film.  And it is the image Hallmark created for 2016’s Inside Out ornament, part of the Disney/Pixar Legends series.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Inside Out tells the story of the emotions inside a pre-teen girl.  Joy is her dominate emotion, but through the course of the film, we learn that Joy is best experienced when you have also experienced Sadness, one of the other emotions.  Of course, this is mostly told through the point of view of the emotions themselves.

For the ornament, we have the two emotions Joy and Sadness.  Joy is sitting up straight with a huge smile on her face.  Sadness is leaning against Joy with a dejected look on her face.  They are dressed in their usual outfits, a yellow-green dress for Joy and a white sweater for Sadness.  And, of course, Sadness is all blue while Joy is mostly white with some blue hair.

As soon as I saw the piece, I knew it was perfect.  By the time the movie is over, we’ve seen how the two emotions are really linked, so seeing them sitting like this is great.  The ornament captures the looks of the characters perfectly as well.  Any fan of the film won’t be at all disappointed with how it looks.

My only complaint here is the same one I’ve had for a couple of ornaments now – size.  Hallmark seems to be making some of their Disney pieces bigger.  I wish this piece were two thirds or three quarters of the size it actually is.  It’s not a major concern, but it just feels out of proportion when I look at it next to other ornaments on my tree.

The ornament is balanced well, so it does hang straight.  That’s always something to be joyful about.

Since the characters are sitting, you’ve got a nice, flat base you can use to set this ornament out and enjoy it year round.  This also has the advantage of taking away my concerns about the size since if you set it out, it doesn’t take up too much space on your Christmas tree.

This is part of the official Disney/Pixar Legends series, and as such there is a series marker on the bottom of the ornament.  This time around, it is a six in the Christmas tree.

Really, any fan of Inside Out won’t be able to resist this ornament.  Even with my complaint about the size, I’m glad I have it on my tree.

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Original Price: $17.95

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