Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ornament Review: Mary Poppins - Storybook Classics Collection #6 - 2017 Disney Store Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Colors and details look wonderful
Cons: Character is over stylized; some sloppy painting on the many small details
The Bottom Line:
Mary on her horse
Great colors yet stylized
Overall, it’s nice

Stylized and Stunning

When I figure saw pictures of the Mary Poppins entry in Disney’s Storybook Classics ornament series, I was less than impressed.  It doesn’t look anything like Julie Andrews.  And yet, when I saw it in person, I must say I was impressed.

The ornament features Mary Poppins sitting on one of the carrousel horses from the animated segment.  Her feet are over to one side, and she is looking the other way.  Her expression is almost demur.  It’s not a pose I really picture for the character expect for that one moment when she was the horse race, so it works here.  What makes the ornament look lovely is all the colors and designs on it.  It is mainly lavender on the horse with some rose and peach tones on her dress.  The result really is beautiful.

And yet, I can’t completely get past the stylized look of the piece.  It takes a little time to warm up to it, but once you do, you’ll appreciate it for what it is.  And let’s be honest, it’s hard to capture an actual actor in an ornament.  Still, this looks much more like a cartoon than I picture for Mary Poppins.  It does fit in well with the rest of the series, however, since those are all cartoon characters.  The paint job seems a little sloppy on this one when you really start to look at it, unfortunately.  There are just too many details, and they didn’t quite hit them all.

This is an ornament that must be hung.  The bottom of the piece is the pole for the carousel horse.  It’s not big enough to even think about balancing the ornament on, and you really wouldn’t want to.  It would be a shame for this to tip over and break.

While the Disney Store usually used red ribbons for hanging their ornaments, this one is a light green, which compliments the piece nicely.  The ribbon attached to Mary’s hat, and it hangs straight, which is nice.

I really am impressed with how this piece turned out, and I think the look is amazing.  However, I can’t completely get over the stylized look of Mary Poppins.

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Original Price: $19.95


  1. I'll have to click the link to learn more. I'm not sure I've ever seen these ornaments.

    1. These ornaments are online exclusive only to The Disney Store online.


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