Monday, May 10, 2021

Ornament Review: Boat Builders - Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces #9 - 2020 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Captures a moment from a fun short
Cons: Not super steady on his feet
The Bottom Line:
Mickey’s built a boat
Now he’s ready to set sail
Fun piece for fun short

A Salute to This Ornament

One thing I’ve enjoyed about the Mickey’s Movie Mousterpieces series is the excuse to go back and revisit the Mickey shorts highlighted.  After all, I need to watch them to fully appreciate the ornament, right?  While “Boat Builders” might not be one that immediately springs to mind as a Mickey Mouse classic, it really is a lot of fun, and this ornament is fantastic.

The short premiered in 1938, and it features Mickey, Donald, and Goofy deciding to make a boat from a kit.  As you can imagine, the usual hilarity ensues, but the trio manage to get it put together only to have disaster strike as they try to launch it for the first time.

This ornament comes from the end of the short as Mickey gets all dressed up for the big launch.  Instead of his normal outfit, she’s wearing a blue admiral’s coat and a fancy red hat with white feathers.  He’s raised one hand in salute.  It’s a great pose and one that will be easy to identify even if you haven’t watched the short recently.

Mickey has his back arched as he gives the salute.  Despite that, he is still perfectly balanced and will hang straight on your tree.  While he will stand on his feet, he isn’t super steady.  I suspect it is because of the pose.  If you are going to set this ornament out, be sure it isn’t a surface that will be bumped regularly, and you should be fine.

You’ll find the 9 in a Christmas tree series marker on the bottom of one of his feet.

Since Mickey’s shorts are historic for so many reasons, I’ve enjoyed the Mickey’s Movie Mousterpieces series.  Boat Builders is another excellent addition to the series.

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