Saturday, May 15, 2021

May 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship – So great to see these women doing so well.  I was happy that all the finishers made it through in the first round.  It would have been disappointing to finish and not get to move on.  As I say that as a fan of some of the women who didn’t make it beyond that point.  As soon as they told us about Jessie LaBreck’s deal with her fiancé about the pool, I started rooting for her.  Surprised that Jessie Graff didn’t make the finals.  Can’t be too disappoint that Meghan won.  I’ve loved rooting her on for years as well.

The Equalizer – Wow!  That was intense.  I love how they kept the team in New York for so much of the episode.  So few sets used, but the most suspenseful episode of the season to date.  The ending was a gut punch.  I’m glad Robyn told her aunt what she’s really up to.  Something tells me she tells her daughter in the season finale as part of a cliffhanger.  Of course, I’m also thinking she is going to be arrested as part of the cliffhanger.

Legends of Tomorrow – I could have done without one scene, but the rest was pretty good.  Lots of great one liners.  The sibling plot was a bit predictable.  But I suspect Sara and Gary are in seriously more trouble.  I was curious where they might go with Amelia, but we got our answer tonight, looks like.

Batwoman – Storylines I expected them to drag out, they aren’t.  Sophie’s already revealed she knows who Batwoman really is.  And Alice has recognized Kate.  I’m very interested in where that storyline is going to go.  I’m assuming we aren’t about to lose Commander Kane.  That’s another story they have brought to a conclusion faster than I expected.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – I was wondering how they were going to get some singing in during the flashback.  Pretty creative way they did it.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t see that ending coming.  It’s Max.  I’ve always been on team Max.  I thought I could get over that this season, but they are making it obvious we should be rooting for Max.  I just hope the writers don’t keep dragging it out.

The Flash – The news had just broken that Cisco was going to leave the show this season, and they are setting it up already.  And he’s taking his girlfriend with him, or at least it looks like it.  I feel like the rest of the episode was kind of pointless.  Okay, so it gave Barry and Iris some development, but we ended up pretty much back where we started.  The fact that they can revive everyone is the only thing new we learned, which undid the end of the last episode.  That I don’t mind at all.  I was with Barry and felt very sorry for that character.

Supergirl – You know, if this is the best they can do, I’m not sorry this is the final season of the show.  I mean, it was obvious after the first commercial break that we were just seeing fears, so it was pretty boring.  I almost fast forwarded to the end when everyone finally got beyond it.  And the rescue was over so quickly.  Did I miss something, or did we not find out how she rescued her dad?  I mean, last we saw, his leg was injured and he was in the lab that I thought blew up?  I am assuming he was on the ship, not that we saw that.  So much that needs to be better.

United States of Al – That was the best episode of the show so far.  Yes, I know it was a low bar, but still.  I laugh several times, and it was sweet, too.  I hope it is a sign of things to come.

Wipeout – If you had let me bet on this episode, I never would have predicted that outcome.  My money was on the newlyweds, although I did think she might be a weak link.  But I didn’t expect her to be that weak a link.  I was actually kind of surprised that so many teams seemed to struggle with the middle course this time.  There was no drama since only one team in each heat made it beyond the first section.

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