Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Welcome to May!  Can you believe it?

As promised, I've caught up from last week.  I was really lucky there was nothing on this past Sunday.  But many, my Sundays are going to be jam packed for the next few weeks.  Half of what I watch will be on Sunday nights.  Why don't they consult me?

United States of Al (4/22) – I kind of liked the messages of this episode.  Al was right and wrong about respect in the episode, at least in American culture.  He was over the top at times, but also spot on at others.  Glad they are moving on to the working for the father storyline.  I feel like that should have been established by episode 2.

Wipeout (4/22) – The right team won!  I really liked that team from Hawaii, so I was really rooting for them to win.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (4/23) – I feel like the show was nothing but a big lecture.  It was worst of all this week.  Lots of action, but also lots of lectures.  And nothing but a cliffhanger to get us to watch some movie in the future, which we will have forgotten the details of by the time it comes out.

Supergirl – Seriously?  Seriously???  We are spending not one but TWO episodes in the past?  Please, can get back to everyone being on the same planet in the same year and start bringing this series to a conclusion?  Oh, and how did no one catch the reference to Brandon and Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210.  I get the age of these kids, but still, seems like that obvious a reference is pop culture enough they would at least know them.  If there were a big crossover happening, I’d think that was why we were doing this since so many of the regulars aren’t in these episodes, but that’s not even happening this year.

United States of Al – A sweet episode.  I smile at this show, but I don’t really laugh.  Still, I liked how it ended.  And I did chuckle at the final scene.

Wipeout – I wasn’t surprised that those two teams make the final round.  I figured the soccer players had it with that great time, but the circus people proved me wrong with that amazing time.  Although it makes sense once I thought about it.  That pretty much was right up their ally, more so than some of the other stuff.

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