Saturday, May 8, 2021

May 8th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 The Equalizer – Great episode to come back to.  Dante’s reaction at the end seemed a bit strange to me.  I mean, thank you for saving my life wouldn’t be out of line.  But it sets up a great conflict for the next few episodes for sure.  Not sure how they will get out of that with the DA.  I am going with saving the girl was the most important thing, too.  But I wonder what happened to the mother.  Did she run off?  Or was she killed?  I guess we’ll never know.

Legends of Tomorrow – Gary is an alien?  Seriously?  I mean, I don’t like the character as it is, but this is just lazy writing.  You can’t tell me they had this in mind before this week.  It just doesn’t make any sense.  Meanwhile, we’ve got Sara lost in space with the rest of the Legends on earth.  Shades of Supergirl so far this season?  At least we are hunting aliens through time.  That should be better than the demons we’ve been after last season.

Ellen’s Game of Games – Fun games and contestants.  However, how can you not know that Disneyland is older than Disney World?  Then again, he got several I wouldn’t have know.

Batwoman – So does this mean Angelique is really gone this time?  Because I thought she’d been written out a time or two before this.  The highlight, as always, was Alice.  I was laughing so hard at her interactions with Batwoman.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – I was laughing so hard at the scene before the race started.  I think I identified a bit too much with the excited racers.  Very interesting watching the relationships devolving on the show.  I hope they are going to revive some of them before the season is over, but it makes for great drama now.

The Flash – I knew they couldn’t have Killer Frost and Caitlin as two characters for too long.  Special effects can only go so far.  I never expected her to go to prison, especially for life.  I expected some kind of out – something different than that one, anyway.  Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of her.  Could have done it without the very thinly disguised political lecture, however.  But again, I have to admire Frost for wanting to do the right thing even if it cost her dearly.  That wasn’t the only gut punch either.  We’ve got Nora turning dark as well.  What is her deal?

Supergirl – Knowing that we weren’t getting Kara this episode might have helped some, but I didn’t hate this as much as I did the last episode.  I enjoyed the ending.  It still felt long and drawn out to get there, however.  And aliens were out of place still.  I hope they have this resolved before they take their mid-season break for several weeks.

United States of Al – I know I get on shows for preaching, but I actually did enjoy this episode.  And it felt like a natural extension of the show and what it is about.  Of course, they had to ruin the serious with that song at the end.

Wipeout – They had some of the best commentating early on in that episode during the first segment.  I was laughing more than I had at any of the other episodes so far.  Then they had two teams drop out later on.  I wonder why?  I mean, I know it does happen, but two in one episode is more than I would expect.  Was there something in particular happening when they filmed that?  Or was it just really bad luck?

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