Saturday, May 29, 2021

May 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – I get where I was supposed to laugh.  I just didn’t find it that funny.  I just hope that we are about to get Sarah back and forget the rest of this nonsense.  And is it just me, or is Behrad much more of a pot head this year?

Ellen’s Game of Games – I thought we might wind up with a bunch of kids after the first round, but they didn’t do that.  It was nice for a change of pace.  Very impressive that the final winner was able to make that run after missing a few early on.  I didn’t think she’d do it, but she proved me wrong.

The Equalizer – The cat is out of the bag.  I’m glad.  At least I hope she’ll come clean with her daughter when they come back for season two.  What an episode.  Emotional on a couple of different levels – Robyn’s life and Dee’s friend dying.  Is the detective going to officially start working with her?  That would be an interesting dynamic is season two.

The Flash – The second arc of the season is now behind us.  I’m glad it was wrapped up because I was struggling with it as well.  I did like how they wrapped things up, however.  Oh, and I completely missed what was going on in the cliffhanger last week.  I thought they were just unconscious – not supposed to be dead.  And I called it that we hadn't seen the last of Frost, although I am still surprised they are going to be paying for effects for the actress to do double duty.  I feel like there was going to be more to the story of her being released than we saw, but it was cut for time.  Could be wrong, however.

Superman and Lois – So I had to look up who this big reveal is.  It will be interesting to see where they go now that his identity is out in the open.  Again, I’m pleasantly surprised with how little time they are spending dragging some of these things out.  Loved the boys saving the day.  And Lois and Clark deciding to reveal all the secrets.  I feel horrible for Lana, however, selecting those people for their doom, even though she hadn’t made her decision yet.  I just hope her husband isn’t one of them.

Press Your Luck – The Whammy was very hard in the opening rounds, especially against poor Adam.  Three Whammies before round 2?  But wow did the winner have great luck in the final round.

United States of Al – This show is really growing on me.  I don’t laugh as much as I should, but as they find the characters, it is getting better.  Certainly less painful than the early episodes.  They are becoming sweet, and I like it.  Not sure what it means for Freddy’s long-term status that he is played by the Zac from The Big Bang Theory, who didn’t get Penny but showed up in most of the seasons.

Wipeout – At first I was surprised that Nicole’s team was eliminated before the final round.  I figured we knew who the final two teams were going to be.  Then I was surprised that John’s team made the finals.  Not surprised they lost at that point.  Especially after the first team had a flawless run.  I mean, seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen that in either version of Wipeout.

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