Saturday, September 18, 2021

September 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I'm missing Supergirl in this list.  It was preempted to cover the election results here in CA on Tuesday night and will be airing tonight, so I'll have to include it in my next round up.

American Ninja Warrior – I was sad to see some of my favorites go out in stage two, especially Joe.  But I’ve become fans of all four of the guys who made it to stage 3.  And they had great runs there.  But a teen shall lead them.  I would have guessed that 20’s was peak time for the sport, but clearly not.  These teens have devoted a lot of time to this, and it shows.  Too bad we didn’t get a winner.  So close.  But a fantastic season overall.

Lego Masters – The right team won!  Mark and Steven have impressed me so much over the course of the season, and their final build was amazing.  Personally, I thought the twins should have been second, but all three are great builders.

Stargirl – I did not expect that.  I figured Cindy was around for a long time and would be a constant pain in the character’s sides.  Eclipso is creepy looking.  I like how Courtney’s mom sent her out, and Courtney was going to get the team first.  Showing some character growth in both of them, which I was just asking for last week.  Frankly, there were several great moments of that showed some of the needed growth tonight.

Family Game Fight! (Tuesday) – That was a pretty lopsided game.  Trying to figure out why because the teams seemed to be good.  The one team just couldn’t quite pull it through and get the points.  Dax flirting with Kristen during Airheads was absolutely hilarious.

Ultimate Surfer – Hey Malia, have you considered that maybe the reason you are on the outs with the other ladies is because of the way you behave?  Honestly, I haven’t seen anything from them against you, just you complaining and bad mouthing them.  Really not sorry to see you and your chip walk out the door.  I was wondering why they were giving out so many extra waves, but it became obvious when we heard what the challenge was.  And so many great tricks we got to see, too.

What If…? – I feel like they tried to throw too much into that one episode.  It felt like a cool idea, but that twist part way through just felt weird.  Then, as it is really getting good (from my mystery lover perspective), it just stops.  Overall, this series is feeling like another Marvel miss to me.

Press Your Luck – When Lee only got one spin in the first round, I figured he was out.  Not only was he ahead at the end of the first round, but he won the entire thing.  Just shows how much luck really does play in the game.  Well, and how many Whammies the two ladies got the entire night.  Heck, he only spun twice and won?  That’s incredible!  I was so glad when he walked away.  I didn’t think he was going to do that, but so many wonderful prizes and all that cash.  It was definitely the smart thing for him to do.

Family Game Fight! (Wednesday) – That wound up being a close game, and a win in the final game right at the buzzer.  I can’t believe how few foods Dax and Kristen got in the middle game.  Then again, Sunflower Seeds was an incredibly hard one.  But I love how they mocked themselves for it.  Honestly, one thing I love is the good spirit they have the entire time.

American Ninja Warrior Junior – Amazing some of the kids who went down on the finals.  Kids I thought would win for sure.  As they say, shows that any obstacle can take out anyone.  Never lose your focus.

Frogger – The contestant who won is very good.  First to complete the one course and first to get all five baby frogs.  He’ll definitely be one to watch during the final tournament at the end.

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