Sunday, September 5, 2021

Disney Pin Review: The Great Gonzo the Daredevil - All Star Trading Cards #9 - 2020 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Gonzo gets added to series in fun pin
Cons: Daredevil is a sport?
The Bottom Line:
Gonzo in pin set
Doing what he loves to do
Joins series with bang

Behold, This Pin of The Great Gonzo!

Disney has quite a few different companies they’ve bought in recent years.  Naturally, they are great about merchandise for all of them, but typically, they don’t cross populate in their various pin series.  That makes September’s release in the All Stars Trading Cards unique since it features Gonzo.

Gonzo is one of the characters from The Muppet Show, and this pin features him doing one of the things he loved best from the show, stunts.  On the back of the pin, we can see a stage with a red curtain behind it and a cannon.  Gonzo is wearing a cape, and he’s flying through the air.  The pin uses the pin-on-pin technique perfectly since Gonzo is raised a bit from the rest of the pin, making it look even more like his if flying from the cannon toward us.  Across the bottom, we get Daredevil written across a blue banner.  Gonzo didn’t sign this pin – however, The Great Gonzo did.  I love that detail – remembering his daredevil name.

While there is obviously much I love about this pin, I do have to ask the question that I’ve asked about others in the series.  Is being a daredevil really a sport?  I get that you do have to be in pretty good shape for it, but it’s not something I consider a sport.  But maybe that’s just me.

Either way, this is a fun pin.  I do like them including Gonzo in the series.  I hope we see a little more of that, although I still think a Star Wars or Marvel character might be a bit jarring next to Mickey Mouse in a pin series.  Gonzo makes a little more sense.  And this is a perfect activity to include for him.

Fans of The Great Gonzo will want to snap this pin up.  Fans of the rest of the series will enjoy this slight departure from the rest of the characters chosen.

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