Saturday, September 4, 2021

September 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – Wow!  I’m assuming that is the end of Constantine, so I guess I can stop complaining about the formula drug addiction analogy since I’ve not seen that ending before.  And we’ve got two more legends in danger if not already dead.  And a full on alien invasion coming.  And there’s only one more episode left this season?  I was wondering about the timing of Spooner meeting her mother so far back in the past, and yet I still wasn’t expecting the revelation we got along the way.

American Ninja Warrior – The top two guys I root for didn’t have good nights.  Daniel Gill out for Covid.  I’m glad he is doing well, but that’s a bummer.  They got me with have Joe run at the end.  I was sure if he wasn’t going to make it, they would have shown him earlier in the episode, so when he fell at the end, I was stunned.  At least he isn’t completely out.  Hope he does well next week.

Ultimate Surfer – Getting a better feel for the people after these two episodes.  A bit surprised that the red team wasn’t in the surf off at the end.  I get it, but still a bit surprised.  Switching up the teams before the team surfing challenge was mean, but the surfing itself was wonderful.  Glad we didn’t have too much drama, although it looks like the drama is back big time next week.

LegoMasters – I really don’t want anyone to go home.  I know this is just putting off the inevitable, but I like the teams who are left.  I wasn’t so sure they were going to pull it off, but I found something to like in all of the builds this week.  Very creative and fun.  The judges’s comments were pretty much spot on, as always, but overall, I liked the builds.

Stargirl – Why keep secrets?  Everyone is going to find out, and it’s just going to make things worse.  That diamond is making everyone’s life bad.  Is the Shade really planning to destroy it?  I was impressed with the parents actually wanting to be there to support their daughter.  Granted, breaking out of prison was wrong, but still, very impressive.  And the scenes at the house were fun.

Supergirl – Nice happy ending.  Not sure if he should have gotten out of prison, but I think I could be persuaded that was the right ending.  I knew Nia was going to make the mistake of making that deal, however.  I feel like this is a major arc everyone will have to deal with the rest of the season.

Monsters at Work – That episode went pretty much the way I expected it to go.  But it was very sweet.  I think it was my favorite episode of the series so far.  I’m not sure where they would go with a second season since Tylor isn’t a Mifters anymore.  But we’ll see if it comes back, I guess.

What If…? – Dare I say it?  That was just…strange.  I feel like we’ve seen that kind of story before many times over the years.  Definitely the weakest episode so far.

Press Your Luck – Just when were these episodes filmed?  Full stupid audience.  Lots of closeness.  I did check the copyright, and it was 2020.  My DVR keeps saying they are new, although I would have sworn I’d already seen one with a Sound of Music trip as a prize.  I felt so sorry for her there at the end, coming down to the final spin like that.  Still, she had a great attitude.  And I’ve got to hand it to the guy in the first half who didn’t pass a spin hoping to get someone else to go bankrupt but kept his fate in his hands.

Family Game Fight – That was a come from behind victory.  Why is it Kristen’s teams don’t seem to do as well?  Okay, so it’s dumb luck.  I mean, having to guess a word with no clues in Airheads?  Still, the show seems like so much fun.  I need to come up with a family I can go on the show with.

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