Saturday, December 18, 2021

December 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 The weeks are getting lighter.  It's like we are almost to Christmas or something.

Legends of the Hidden Temple – I wish I’d been keeping better track, but I feel like the legends are going around the world.  Or is that just me and they’ve really been skipping all over the place?  Liked all the teams of siblings.  The final team was so close at the end, but too many locked doors got in their way.

The Flash – While I’m not surprised at the ultimate decision that Team Flash made, I like that they wrestled with it a little bit first.  I’m wondering how they will bring Reverse Flash back in the future because you know he’s not gone for good.  I wonder if we will ever get more about Oliver’s kids.  I certainly hope so, although I never really liked what they were doing in the 2040 storyline on Arrow.  All in all, a good wrap up to this mini-arc.  And if they can keep these character moments going in the rest of the season, I’ll be very happy.

Hawkeye – I suspected that the mom was going to be involved in the bigger picture as the final cliffhanger.  Now, the question is what it means for the final episode.  Frankly, there were lots of twists, and I can’t wait to see how they all play out.  I’m also thinking the potential step-dad really is innocent and her mom was behind all the shady stuff happening around her.

Survivor – My money wasn’t on Erika.  I can see why the jury picked her.  I think I would have voted for Xander, but Erica was a solid pick as well.  And that fire challenge!  That was a pretty amazing comeback.  I thought Heather had it, but she wound up losing by seconds.  It’s a good reminder to never give up.

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